Scala Studio has recently completed the design for Verd & Go, a healthy, fast food restaurant in Barcelona“This is a project for healthy food and salad lovers,” explains the design team.

A totem located at the entrance of the restaurant distributes the space. It acts as a divider between the area where the salads are designed to clients’ taste, and the space where they are enjoyed. The presence of green, achieved via the use of small format glossy tiles, is a reference to the produce that is served by the restaurant – fresh, natural, and premium quality.

In order to communicate the brand values of Verd & Go, the interior scheme emphasizes the use of natural fibres that line the walls. These provide a textural, comfortable and welcoming environment, and envelope the interior in an atmosphere reminiscent of nature. Custom wallpaper with floral motifs stamped on the walls line the remaining vertical surfaces.

All furniture is made from sustainable timbers, such as pine and walnut, further communicating one of the restaurant’s core principles: the use of local and sustainable produce sourced for all the dishes.

Scala Studio collaborated with Federico García on the graphic design and brand identity for the project.


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[Images courtesy of Scala studio. Photography by José Hevia.]


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