Yellowtrace founder, Dana Tomić Hughes, speaking at TEDx Sydney about the transformative power of design for everyone.



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Dana Tomic Hughes, Interior Designer & Fonder of YellowtracePhoto of Dana Tomic Hughes by Jo Duck, courtesy of JONES Magazine.

Dana Tomić Hughes

With a disarming blend of authority and approachability, Dana is an accomplished interior designer turned visionary digital publisher. She is the brainchild behind Yellowtrace — a globally esteemed design publication she began as a passion project over a decade ago. Today, Yellowtrace is an eminent platform beloved by the global design fraternity, championing design excellence and groundbreaking innovation.

Her profound belief in the transformative power of design propels Dana to make the sometimes intimidating world of design accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with the subject.

Dana’s been catapulted to the status of a stalwart global influencer, with recognition from industry heavyweights. Named among the “Top 200 True Global Influencers of the Design World” by AD Germany and recognized by Vogue Living as one of the most visionary female creatives on the planet, Dana’s influence extends well beyond her native Australia. Elle Décor Italia and Danish RUM Interiør Design have hailed her as a pivotal tastemaker.

Through her multi-faceted work as an editor, curator, creative director and keynote speaker, Dana empowers others to appreciate and engage with design in transformative ways. Her highly acclaimed TEDxSydney Talk on the transformative, often overlooked powers of design sets out to challenge, enlighten and transform people’s understanding of design’s omnipresent and profound influence.

Dana balances her seriousness about design with a relatable and down-to-earth persona. Her innate sense of humour, humility, and generosity make her a beloved design figure, fostering a warm connection with audiences worldwide.

Together with her life and business partner, Nick Hughes, Dana leads Studio Yellowtrace — a multi-disciplinary creative content consultancy and an agency division of Yellowtrace.

Dana arrived in Sydney with her family at the age of 17 with limited English, after departing her hometown and birthplace, Bosanski Brod, in Yugoslavia due to the Civil War. After graduating with Honours in Interior Architecture from University of New South Wales, Dana worked at a number of leading Architecture and Interior Design studios, deciding to quit her “real job” to focus on Yellowtrace full-time in June 2011. She’s never looked back.


Nick Hughes

Nick is a co-founder of Yellowtrace and The Chief of Studio Yellowtrace. With a career that has bridged Architecture, Interiors and Project Management, Nick now finds himself on the frontline, working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the Yellowtrace pack together and moving forward.

With some tidy photography skills and a keen eye for composition, Nick uses his skills for good, providing readers with a visual feast on Yellowtrace and our much loved annual project — MILANTRACE. Frequently gracing the pages of Yellowtrace, his photography work has also been published in Belle, House & Garden, and Artichoke magazines, to name a few.


Marko Tomic

Marko lives and breathes technology, and we are super lucky to have him as our occasional code buster, web developer and technology advisor. He has over a decade of experience developing and architecting world-class web solutions and a diverse set of skills that range from extreme programming to systems architecture. Marko holds a Computer Systems Engineering degree with a sub-major in Information Systems from UTS.

When he is not breathing technology, Marko likes to inhale compressed air out of scuba tanks as an Open Water Scuba Instructor.






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Clockwise from top left: Jaime Hayon, Ilse Crawford, Stine & Enrico of GamFratesi, Patricia Urquiola, Andrea & Simone of Formafantasma, Arianna & Chiara of Studiopepe, and David Thulstrup. LEGENDS!