Infamous Triptych Collection by Pedro Paulo-Venzon | Yellowtrace

Infamous Triptych Collection by Pedro Paulo Venzon.

Made up of four circular elements—a dish, a sphere, a cylinder, and a rounded slice of a much larger cylinder—Pedro Paulo-Venzon's table design is a play between absence and equilibrium, subtlety and...

MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace

Milantrace 2018 Digital Report Out Now.

You guys! WE DID IT!! Our coveted MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report is out now and available for purchase. Highly curated, fiercely independent, democratic, no bullshit and free from advertising, MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report is filled...
Yellowtrace Presents Video Highlights from Salone del Mobile 2018 | #Milantrace2018

Best New Furniture & Stands at Salone del Mobile 2018.

It can never be overstated what an enormous task it is to report on the highlights from Salone del Mobile 2018. The sheer epicness of the Rho Fiera fairground is mind-boggling. From its 24 halls, thousands of mega-brands and their epic...


Hopper House in Quảng An, Vietnam by AHL architects | Yellowtrace

Hopper House in Quang An, Vietnam by AHL architects.

Vietnamese studio AHL architects have renovated a traditional narrow house with very few windows, located in the Quang An region of Hanoi. What is unique about this build is the feeling of familiarity it evokes. This was achieved by...
Is It You?: Faceless Painted Portraits by Fabio La Fauci | Yellowtrace

Is It You?: Faceless Painted Portraits by Fabio La Fauci.

Italian born, Berlin-based artist Fabio La Fauci’s most recent work is a set of ten portraits, where each face has been masked by a thick, sculpted layer of ceramic and acrylic modelling paste. Fabio La Fauci’s Is It You? series...