I have no doubt that Mona Lisa was reinterpreted many, many, MANY times since the beginning of the 16th century when Leonardo painted her (or the mid 19th century which is when she actually became famous). Alas, here are just four interesting examples I found during my daily “surf” in the last couple of weeks.

Above are images of Mona Lisa reduced & remixed down into 140 exact circles of colour by Graphic Nothing. Makes little sense close up, makes every sense from the other side of the room. Clever, no? Buy it here and here.



Mona Lisa in 6,239 dots by Melbourne-based artist and designer Thomas Pavitte is an unofficial world record for the most complex dot-to-dot drawing. This is what Thomas has to say about this piece:

A common theme in my work is where I use very basic techniques to create pieces that appear to be very complex. Dot-to-dot drawings are one of the most basic forms of art – all you need is the ability to count. By carefully placing 6,239 dots, I spent 9 hours connecting them all in my version of the Mona Lisa.



How about an animated gif of Mona Lisa by Mike Guppy, who replaced the main character with a Marching Ants outline. What?



And finally – latex balloon ‘Airigami’ of Mona Lisa by Larry Moss. So clever and absolutely friggin’ hilarious!

[Sources from top to bottom – How To Be a RetronautColossalIt’s Nice That and Designboom.]

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  1. Oliver @ Sabi Style

    My first thought was “I wonder what she typed into Google to begin this search…”

    Those first two are my favorites.

    The first one reminds me of a brochure/collection of paint swatches and then you step back (or fly back, after that hefty push off the desk with the mistaken belief that the office chair was designed for such free wheeling antics until you crash into the printer on the other side of the room and freak out your co-workers who were daydreaming/updating facebook/pondering what to have for lunch…) and there before you is the iconic image of the Mona Lisa – so very cool!

    I am also trying to work out the level of patience required to connect 6,239 dots…


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