The latest offering from Haymes Paint sees a continuation and reimagining of the Volume 11 Colour Conscience palette, which we covered earlier this year.

The concept behind the new, re-edited palette inspires mindfulness and purpose with a newly reinvigorated ambition. The three core colour stories, Cohabitate, Comfort and Contribute, play to a new narrative, yet still remind us that colour is more than just a simple expression of taste. With intent, it helps shape the essence of our everyday lifestyle.

Cohabitate offers a perfect backdrop to external spaces with a warm, summery palette featuring soft, inviting pastels. Tones range from yellow, pink and greys, which work harmoniously with each other.

Contribute engages a monochromatic palette, embracing nature and natural textures, as well as the way our environment helps shape mood, tone and connection within space. The palette includes neutral tones including earthy browns and warm greys.

Comfort provides what its title implies, with an incorporation of sensual, tonal colours to create the perfect level of intimacy within your living space. Shades ranges from a rich, evocative wine red to dusty peach nudes and deep greens.


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[Images courtesy of Haymes Paint. Photography Martina Gemmola. Styling by Ruth Welsby.]


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