The latest palette release from Haymes Paint, Volume 11 – Colour Conscience, is a feel-good forecast built around the philosophy of how personal change can contribute to a greater good. In a world where we are becoming increasingly aware of our global impact, it’s time to explore ideas that embrace thinking not only about ourselves but also the broader community.

This forecast represents soul searching through colour. On numerous levels, we are searching for ways we can be more meaningful and have a positive impact on our environment, both physically and emotionally. Inspired by the idea that “actions speak louder than words,” Haymes explore three unique themes – Cohabitate, Contribute and Comfort.


Haymes Paint Reveals 'Colour Conscience' to their Colour Library | Yellowtrace


COHABITATE (shown above) is the ultimate palette for creating a comfortable, breezy space, where people can come together, communicate and spend time free from technology and the chaos of everyday living. The colours are light and airy in peach and pink skin tones, with a real focus on pastels being a starting point for introducing more colour into the home using minty greens, fresh lemon and duck egg blue.


Haymes Paint Reveals 'Colour Conscience' to their Colour Library | Yellowtrace

Focused on a contemporary kitchen, CONTRIBUTE palette offers creative ideas around using colour, texture and mixed materials in a way that not only look great but also showcases how beautiful, smart design can incorporate a more sustainable and responsible contribution to the environment around us. The colours are monochromatic: the introduction of wood tones and dark greys, deep browns and mid-tone neutrals build the perfect backdrop for the new and inspired kitchen space.


Haymes Paint Reveals 'Colour Conscience' to their Colour Library | Yellowtrace


COMFORT encourages calm and a slowing of the senses, with deeper tones and sophisticated colour combinations that absorb the light for a quieter feel, while injecting warmth and softness into interior spaces. Deep teal and lighter powdered greens mixed with nude tones and deeper reds give the sense of night-time mystery, as well as adding the perfect introduction of romance and luxe.

“This forecast is one with a conscience, where choices are made not only on face value of aesthetics but underlying thoughts around how colour impacts our moods to elevate, motivate and regenerate”, said Wendy Rennie, Colour & Concept Manager at Haymes Paint about the inspiration behind the latest addition to The Colour Library. “Our themes embody the ultimate goal in being mindful of the choices we make and how they contribute to the way we live. Surrounding yourself with a feel-good vibe can have an uplifting effect and help us to live in a positive and responsible way.”

Haymes Paint launched its innovative new colour trends model, The Colour Library, in 2016 as a platform to release its latest colour stories and themes. For further information on Volume 11 of The Haymes Colour Library – Colour Conscience, visit


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[Images courtesy of Haymes Paint. Photography by Martina Gemmola & styling by Ruth Welsby.]


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