As if seeing couture in Paris isn’t privilege enough, those that attended this year’s Dior Autumn/Winter runway were spoilt with one über hot interior.

Raf Simons debuted his first collection as the new Creative Director of Dior in a mansion engulfed in fresh cut flowers. Oh Raf Simons, you do know how to make a splash. Both the collection and the interior reference Christian Dior’s passion for flowers and his iconic “Flower Woman” silhouette of 1947 – a silhouette influenced by the architecture of the flower.



Produced by fashion event expert, Bureau Betak, the runway was spread over five rooms, presenting five floral experiences: one of white orchids, red roses, blue delphiniums, yellow goldenrod and the “Christian Dior room”- a mix of pink roses and garden flowers. Not only did this provide yummy eye candy, but can you just imagine the aromatic fanfare wafting through these spaces?

For two full days and two nights prior to the event, florists from Eric Chauvin arrived by the masses to embed floral foam lined walls with over a million stems. You can watch a video of the process here.



It’s a simple idea but executed with such commitment and rigour that the space just sings. Not only does it work well as a space in itself, but it provides a the perfect backdrop to the collection both visually and conceptually. There are some seriously dynamite colour pairings between the space and the clothing. I love seeing how the vibrancy of the colours transforms as the models shift between spaces. Genius.

It’s a shame that only the models were lucky enough to shimmy from one space to another. For me, the transition from one colour experience to another seems like half the joy. Bah! Those models. They’re always trying to make us jealous.


[Images via Dior Magazine, Bureau Betak blog, The Guardian, Philoclea, 2Luxury2, plus Instagram photos from the following users: davidflamee, litadavina, oliveoile.]

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