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I realise Milan is well and truly behind us, but I sincerely cannot get past all the incredible talent we saw during the Week, so after much debate we decided it’s never too late to celebrate the work of amazing new talent. Right? Right. Today’s post looks at some of the best new talent we came across at SaloneSatellite, Ventrura Lambrate, Spazio Rossana Orlandi & Brera. Other areas such as Tortona, 5Vie & San Gregorio have previously been covered, and more amazing young designers can be discovered in those respective posts.





Spazio Rossana Orlandi is a famous, must see gallery and retail space located in a former tie factory. Rossana is a true visionary, best known for her ability to scoop up exclusive lines from small designers with big talent. I have to say that, although I have nothing but love for Rossana, this year’s show left me feeling slightly flat. Even though there were plenty of amazing things on show, there were quote a few strange things showing through the spaces that took the shine away from me. Alas, we shall look at some good stuff now.


NOV gallery Marlo Isaure Atlas | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceNOV gallery Matthieu Girel Betty Lamp | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

NOV Gallery presented CRAFT DESIGN exhibition, which highlighted the evolution of craftsmanship into design. A selection of limited and unique pieces designed by members of the Design Studio Renens were shown like the Atlas table Marlo & Isaure, and Betty light Matthieu Girel.


Rooms Design invisible collection | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Rooms Design, a partnership of two young designers from Georgia, presented a new collection, “Invisible To The Eye” which I loved to bits.


Von Pelt The Meteorites | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Berlin-based Von Pelt presented a Meteorite collection with incredible crystal tables that looked like they’ve been plucked out of space. The jewel like tables are made in Berlin using resins, crystal glass and the finest pigments – made to like a personalised meteorite for people’s homes.


Nika Zupanc Naked Desk & Chair | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc presented a collection of furniture under her own label, like the strangely alluring shiny gold work desk and chair which made feel serious lust.




SaloneSatellite launched in 1998 as a way of introducing promising young designers to the industry’s bigger players and talent scouts. Satellite represents the future of design, and I find it a thrill to witness future stars in the making first hand, and possibly play a small part in the process along the way. Each year, Satellite also runs it’s own awards programme. Conceived and devotedly run by Marva Griffin, who has been curating the show for the last 18 years, The Awards continues to be a reference point for designers under 35 who are looking for the kind of visibility that only the largest design event in the world can deliver. Every year I’ve visited, the standard of the work only keeps getting better – it’s extraordinary! Here are just a few of the young designers who’s work I loved this year.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Buro Famos hat & mil | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceSaloneSatellite 2015 Christoph Friedrich Wagne | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Left: HAT pendant light & MIL coffee table by Berlin-based Buero Famos. Right: Frankfurt-based designer, Christoph Friedrich Wagner, presented VLADIMIR collection inspired by the hyperbolic constructions of the engineer Vladimir Schuchov. I was also a fan of his stunning WHIZZ KID lamps which can be used in a variety of ways.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Christoph Friedrich Wagne Wizz Kid | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
WHIZZ KID lamps by Christoph Friedrich Wagner.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Ingrid Hulskamp Mirror Unknown | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Dutch designer Ingrid Hulskamp presented a collection of paper coated mirrors partially covered with multi-layered paper. As strips of paper are removed in layers, unexpected images resembling landscapes come alive.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Joa Herrenknecht MOON Bookends | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Joa Herrenknecht, young designer from Berlin says that, since we don’t have so many books anymore, the ones we have are very precious, and are worth being displayed in a nice manner, hence her MOON marble bookends.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Joa Herrenknecht ONDA Lamps | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceSaloneSatellite 2015 MAIJA PUOSKARI vanamo lamp | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Left: Joa Herrenknecht also presented the stunning ONDA bedside lamps with a spherical lamp shade, which resemble a magic hat balancing on a metal stick. Right: Maija Puoskari, designer from Finland presented VANAMO pendant and floor lights, inspired by the Finnish flora.


SaloneSatellite 2015 KIMU LAB New Old Divider | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
KIMU LAB presented The New Old Divider which incorporates contrasting personalities between the East and the West. This duality is mirrored in screen’s ability to appear as both minimalist and decorative.


SaloneSatellite 2015 KIMU LAB Pearl Lantern | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Also by KIMU LAB, this Pearl Lanterns transform traditional Chinese lanterns into jewellery for an interior.


SaloneSatellite 2015 meike harde wooden aquarelle | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Meike Harde‘s Wooden Aquarel is a colouring technique for timber surfaces that allows the mass production of individually unique pieces.


SaloneSatellite 2015 MEJD Studio Exhibit Jar Light | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Mejd, product design studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia presented the stunning EXHIBIT lamp & jar light in brass.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Morten & Jonas Collection | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Morten & Jonas, two Norwegian guys, presented a really sophisticated collection which included a modular sofa collection, side tables, ceramics, glassware, and Up and Down floor light produced by Northerlighting.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Paul Puskarich Heatsink Chair | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceSaloneSatellite 2015 olga bielawska zickzack table | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Left: Heatsink Chair by Paul Puskarich made from aluminium. Right: Zick Zack side table by Olga Bielawska made from a single laser-cut sheet.


SaloneSatellite 2015 Peter Kraft hanger | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceSaloneSatellite 2015 SATSUKI OHATA Fondue Stool | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Left: Clothes hanger by Out for space.  Right: Tokyo designer Satsuki Ohata presented Fondue Stool. Why fondue, you ask? Well, that’s because the stool is made by dipping highly absorbent sponge into PVC, similar to cheese fondue. Once the sponge is dried with hot air, high density stool is formed.


SaloneSatellite 2015 SCHOENSTAUB Veli Amos | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Rug by Schönstaub, established by Nadja Stäubli and David Schönen in Zurich in 2010, who create rugs with photorealistic motives, graphic elements, fine drawings and different weaving techniques in one carpet.





Ventura Lambrate takes place an Industrial area in North-East Milan, showcasing a mix of upcoming designers and leading design schools. The event was brought to life by Dutch studio Organisation in Design who have been curating the area for the past 6 years. Historically Ventura Lambrate has felt like the ultimate celebration of design, although this year the area lacked it’s usual spark. Something was definitely missing – the atmosphere was flat, and even the level of curation didn’t feel up to the usual standard. Having said that, there were plenty of clever designers showing at Lambrate, so we are going to be focusing on those.


Faberhama DualLand | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceFaberhama DualLand | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

“DUAL LAND – Chapter I” by Faberhama (Paola Amabile & Alberto Fabbian) collection integrates new opportunities offered by digital technologies with traditional methods such as 3D printing and glass blowing.


FEDERICO PERI Collection | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceFEDERICO PERI Light | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Federico Peri, young designer from Milan presented a series of highly sophisticated pieces. His ‘Living in a chair’, is made form bronzed metal structure with brass shelves and an upholstered seat. ‘Shapes’ is his lighting collection inspired by the suspended power lines, made from burnished or brushed brass, glass and leather detailing. Stunning.


HANNA KRUGER hoff on | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceHANNA KRUGER jul endless | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Hanna Kruger presented a collection of furniture, lighting and accessories which are directly inspired by the work of Josef Hoffmann, a celebrated Austrian architect and designer who made his mark on the world of design in 19th & 20th century.


Label/Breed | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceStudio Mieke Meijer balance light | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Left: From LABEL/BREED, Dutch initiative that brings together designers and manufacturers so that unique concepts and imaginative fabrication processes can be achieved, comes this leaning cast iron lamp. It was designed by Dutch collective DEMAKERS VAN & made by LOVINK TECHNOCAST – experts in iron casting. The light was inspired by traditional spinning tops. Right: Studio Mieke Meijer presented Balance Light which is inspired by the structure of a tower crane. Balance only lights up when perfectly balanced. It is a lamp you have to touch, whether you want to or not, either to adjust it or to switch it on or off.


mae engelgeer mod blankets | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Textile Hues by Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer. Exhibition design by Sabine Marcelis.


Norwegian Presence Runa Klock Core Light | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Norwegian Presence was one of the strongest shows in Lambrate this year. It showcased the very best of what Norwegian handcraft and design – both past and present – has to offer. I loved the Core table lamp by Runa Klock made from natural Norwegian stone.


Pleunie Buyink Limber Gem | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtracePleunie Buyink Limber Gem | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Delightful young Dutch designer Pleunie Buyink presented “Limber Gems”, which she describes as elegant jewellery for the interior, made from a newly developed material where rubber is a key component. 
The gems are flexible and obedient – they can be moulded to sit on the floor, or be wall mounted as an art object that plays with depth and light. Once the light touches the gems, the interplay between the rugged crinkly background, the rough edges and the warm colours begins to do it’s thing.


APARENTMENT marblelous | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Marblelous Collection by  Josep Vila Capdevila of APARENTMENT.





Even through we talked about Brera earlier this week, I decided to split out the young talent and show it in this post as Brera post was a bit of a monster in size. Brera is one of the most established and glamorous parts of Milan, and an area is mostly reserved for more established brands, although a sprinkling of young designers can always be found.



david/nicolas for Nilufar Gallery | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
New chair by Beriut duo david/nicolas for Nilufar Gallery.


FUHA FABRICA for DAIKIN | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
“FUHA — THE EXPRESSION OF AIR” Exhibition by Fabrica for Daikin, the Japanese air conditioning company. “FUHA” was a multi-sensory artistic response that gave shape to air. Using this concept as their starting point, the young researchers at Fabrica created a setting in which the air is the designer. Through ten different installations in which air manifests in different forms (above shows air manifested as Power), visitors came into contact with the invisible, and turning the intangible into physical interaction.


FUHA FABRICA for DAIKIN | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceFUHA FABRICA for DAIKIN | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

More from FUHA exhibition by Fabrica for Daikin – air manifested as Sound and Weight.


OSSMORI Studiopepe | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceOSSMORI Studiopepe | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Chiara & Arianna from Studiopepe presented Ossmori collection at Fragile Gallery – one of a kind pieces that are a study in materials and compositions, and tension between the opposites.


Austrian Design Pioneers EKDESIGN Nomadic Light | #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace
Nomadic Light (previously) by Katharina Eisenkoeck presented at Austrian Design Pioneers at La Pelota in Brera.


Austrian Design Pioneers Klemens Schillinger Lamp | #MILANTRACE2015 by YellowtraceAustrian Design Pioneers Wiener Silber HAMMER Lamp| #MILANTRACE2015 by Yellowtrace

Also at Austrian Design Pioneers Left: Lamp 11811 by Klemens Schillinger. Right: Hammer Lamp by Big Game for Wiener Silber Manufactur.



[Images Courtesy of Respective Designers & Press Office.]


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