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Workplace Interiors have for many years been the spatial underdog – far less evocative, seductive and inspired than it’s Retail, Residential and Hospitality counterpart (except for maybe Healthcare interiors, but that’s a story for another day!).

This is not surprising, as it’s far trickier to design an amazing workspace than most other interior categories. I speak from my own experience here, of course. Most of the time with workplace project, budgets are leaner, timelines are meaner and there is a cast of thousands involved and multiple parties to satisfy – from the client, to the operations people, project managers, procurement specialist, builders and so on – the list is endless.

I’ve been pretty pissed off about the scarcity of good quality Workplace Interior Design in the past, but I’m happy to report there seem to be far more interesting examples of office interiors these days then ever before. Sure, there’s still a whole bunch of rancho-averagios around (in my humble opinion), but it is our job to sift though the gunk and present you with the very best. Ta daaah!


Workplace Interiors Archive 2016 | Yellowtrace


1. Selected Projects by Yabu Pushelberg.
2. INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2016.
3. Stories On Design // Pink Perfection.
4. Nosigner: Selected Works by Japanese Holistic Design Studio.
5. Stories On Design // Inside Design & Architecture Studios.


Workplace Interior Design Archive 2016 | Yellowtrace


6. Stories On Design // Coworking Spaces.
7. Anish Kapoor London Studios by Caseyfierro Architects.
8. BASE Milano: Centre for Culture & Creativity Housed in a Converted Factory by Onsitestudio.
9. Sweetdram Modular Creative Workshop Designed by SODA.
10. Loft Office in Rotterdam by Jvantspijker Architecture.


Workplace Interior Design Archive 2016 | Yellowtrace


11. Lechte Corporation Office Fitout in Melbourne by Plus Architecture.
12. Slack Office In Melbourne By Breathe Architecture.
13. NYC Firehouse Transformed Into A Cool-Town HQ By Rafael De Cardenas Of Architecture At Large.
14. Office Interior in Strasbourg by Nicola Spinetto + Stephane Raza.
15. Real Estate Agency in Portugal by Fala Atelier Features Marble Partitions.


Workplace Interior Design Archive 2016 | Yellowtrace


16. The Coolest Finance Company We Ever Did See: Bambora Office In Stockholm By MER.
17. Zalando’s Multipurpose HUB In Berlin By Hulle & Fulle.
18. This is What Happens When AvroKO Designs a Workplace Cafeteria – BOOM!
19. Stories On Design // The Rise of Designer Health Studios & Gyms.
20. Airbnb HQ In Tokyo By Suppose Design Office.



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