American artist, Jen Stark, creates three-dimensional pieces which take paper to a whole new level. She is famous for layering paper into kaleidoscopic topographical landscapes of wild color and bold shapes. Absolutely magnificent.


Books of Art by Isaac Salazar. Are you serious? Wow. More images on Flickr.


‘Letter A’ is a hand-cut typography piece by Bianca Chang, consists of 180 hand-cut, spiraling layers. Wowzers! All will be revealed once you watch The making of A from Bianca Chang on Vimeo. (Which I couldn’t embed, something to with the settings, very annoying). Anyway, please watch it cause it seriously blew my mind.


Exquisite piece by Matt Shlian.  Also, do check out Paper Cuts from Michigan Daily on Vimeo. (Again, same issue  – couldn’t embed. Boring).  The video provides an amazing insight into Matt’s process. Do it.

Enfant De Papier by Boutte Nathalie from Curious Collection contest.


Have you noticed how huge paper art is at the moment? So hot right now. Everywhere I look, there is yet another incredibly clever and super talented paper artist to discover. A single word always springs to mind when I think of these people – PATIENCE. Oh, and creativity. And attention to detail. But I did say just one word didn’t I, so lets stick with patience for the moment.

Even thought I’ve blogged about some clever paper peeps before, I thought it was time for a little update. I wanted to share with you a few of the artists and their magnificent pieces which are responsible for causing a few of my brain explosions of late. There are so, so, so, so many more around the place, but in the interest of keeping this post somewhat compact, I kinda sorta had to narrow it down to just 10 artists. Actually, I think it’s 11, but hey – who’s counting!


Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. EXTREME LOVE!! Heeeellooo!!


Work of Jeff Nishinaka from Los Angeles.


Handmade paper hummingbird by papernoodle. Oh my goodness. This takes the concept of patience to a WHOLE new level.


Cardboard Heaven project by Nina Lindgreen.


Ok, this is almost paper, but not really. Tin foil bust by Dominic Wilcox.


Work by Paris based Le Creative Sweatshop agency. These guys are so clever. Oh and hello torso. What? I’m posting this stuff for you guys. It’s pure research, that’s all! Geez…


And this round up simply wouldn’t be complete without an example of one of Sydney’s own super clever (and self taught) paper engineers Benja Harney. A couple of wonderful examples of Benja’s work are above. Top – oversized paper jewels for Sportsgirl/Alpha60 shoot (balancing the score with an image of a gorgeous girl, if ya know what I mean). Bottom – Miniature set for Inside Out 2010 ‘Annual Decorating and Renovating Guide’.


[Images via Designboom, Jen Stark, Today and Tomorrow, Vectro Ave, Upon a Fold, Matt Shlian, Swissmiss, Flickr, Paperform & Le Creative Seatshop.]

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    As a huge fan of paper art I simply adore this post! The books are incredible and the detail of hummingbird simply amazing!

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    I love these, especially Nina Lindgreen’s work, she is so great !!!
    Oh and I loved your post on the notes too, so funny !!!


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