Impossibly cool Brazilian product designer Pedro Paulo Venzon has returned with a new series of impossibly cool, sculptural side tables. Titled Tríptico Infame, or Infamous Triptych, Pedro’s knack for balance—between severity and lightness, between art and furniture, and minimalism and exaggeration—is pretty inspired. His work is a delicate dance between a homage to traditional Brazilian design, but something contemporary, thought-provoking, and relevant too (did we mention it’s cool?)

Like Pedro’s other collections, Infamous Triptych is deeply symbolic. The designer is invested in communicating elements of 20th-century design and the Brazilian colonial experience. He described Infamous Triptych the series as “a look at the colonial devices, the technologies of confession, and the rigid discipline that operated in the production of a redemptive iconography.”

Made up of four circular elements—a dish, a sphere, a cylinder, and a rounded slice of a much larger cylinder, the design breaks apart the traditional structure of the devotional painting. The end result is a play between absence and equilibrium, between subtlety and weight, and between functionality and “the narratives that underpin the culture of design.”


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[Images courtesy of Pedro Paulø-Venzon.]


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