Never thought I’d be posting about a nursery school on yellowtrace, or a child-care center as we call them here in Australia. Why? Because they are usually not very attractive to say the least. But I am quite taken by the beauty and simplicity of The Leimond Nursery School, which was designed by Archivision Hirotani Studio and completed earlier this year. This is an absolutely beautiful project and a brilliant use of natural light, materials, color, volume and scale.

Located in Nagahama, Japan and aptly titled “House of Light”, this single story building creates exaggerated volumes and feeling of transparency through the use of skylights in varying shapes and sizes. The rooms are painted in different colours and receive natural light from varying directions. The architects hoped that the children would be able to feel the light change at different times of the day, giving them a chance to chase and play with light, and allowing them to ‘enjoy this gift of light in their daily activities.’


[Photos © Kurumata Tamotsu via ArchDaily.]

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