Althaus Restaurant, dining room, painted brick wall, green velvet upholstery, brass pendant lighting

Althaus Restaurant, dining room, timber wall panelling, white painted brick walls, timber floor, green velvet upholstery

timber wall panelling, round mirror, details

Althaus Restaurant, dining room, green velvet upholstery, white wall tiles, wine rack, timber wall panelling

Althaus Restaurant, dining room, wine rack, timber ceiling

Althaus Restaurant, dining room, timber wall panelling, timber ceiling


It feels super nice to receive a submission from young designers on the rise, particularly when they hail from countries not widely represented on world design stage. For this reason I feel a little bit excited about today’s post. Although, as you can probably tell by my tone, I feel pretty excited about all of my posts. Waaah, I can’t help it – I friggin’ love Yellowtrace man, and love sharing the love with you guys. Woop! So let’s get down to business, as I’m sure you people have better shit to do than read my babble.


Althaus Restaurant, dining room, vignette, details, timber wall panelling, white brick

details, white wall tiles

bar joinery detail

timber wall panelling, details, round mirror, wall hooks

Althaus Restaurant, dining room, white tiles, wine rack, timber ceiling

Althaus Restaurant, dining room details, timber wall panelling

details, cowhide upholstery


PB Studio is an architecture and interior design practice run by young designers Hanna Bialic and Jakub Piórkowski based in Sopot, Poland. They recently hooked up with Filip Kozarski and collaborated on today’s featured project – Althaus Restaurant.

In the most basic terms, Althaus is a hipster designer schnitzel house with a twist. (Surprisingly, that description wasn’t on their press release, I totally made it up myself. Brilliant, right? I seriously need to be a copy-writer… Oh gawd, could you imagine…?)


Althaus Restaurant, dining room

Althaus Restaurant, dining room, stair balustrade

Althaus Restaurant, dining room detail, metal balustrade

cowhide upholstery, details, cushions

Althaus Restaurant, dining room details, vignettes, pendant lights


In order to reflect Althaus’ menu of traditional Bavarian cuisine, PB Studio channelled the southern Germany vibe by using materials like natural golden oak, bottle green and copper. These materials appear in decorative elements such as lamps, mosaic tiles and chandeliers, all of which refer to traditional beer production.

There is a slightly different atmosphere in every room. Calfskins and white painted wood are prevalent on the ground floor, with upper floor featuring green panelling around the bar, natural oak wall cladding, white painted brick and rich green velvet upholstery on banquette seating.


Althaus Restaurant, entry, stair, timber wall panelling, copper chandelier

Althaus Restaurant, dining room, timber wall panelling, copper, pendant lights

Althaus Restaurant, timber wall panelling, copper chandelier

copper chandelier

wall light detail

Althaus Restaurant, bar, timber wall panelling, pattern, floor tiles


I don’t know about you, but looking at these images makes me want to eat a schnitz and drink bear (and I don’t even drink bear that much). I figured, if an interior of a Bavarian restaurant makes you want to eat a schnitzel, that’s a really good thing, right? Well done PB Studio.


identity, branding, graphic design

identity, branding, graphic design

exterior, window, graphic design, identity, branding, signage

[Images © Tomirri Photography, courtesy of PB Studio.]

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