PNY restaurant shopfront

PNY restaurant design

PNY restaurant design details

PNY interior design details

PNY restaurant interior, wall graphic, black ceiling, light bulbs on grid

PNY restaurant ground floor, aluminium and marble bar, steel clad stair

PNY restaurant design details

PNY wall graphic, cement floor tiles, black table tops

PNY black and white cement floor tiles and steel stair detail

black ceiling and light bulb details


Ohhhhhh, how exciting to kick of the week with another fantastic hot-of-the-press restaurant design submission – you’re seeing it here first folks!

Designed by the clever boys at CUT architectures, Paris New York is the latest establishment in Paris’s flourishing hamburger restaurant scene. The interior aesthetic is a careful blend of NYC’s and Paris’s combined cultures, aesthetics and personalities, although the designers set out to deliberately avoid any clichés. The black awning and interior ceiling are pierced by a grid of light bulbs reminiscent of the Broadway cinema and theatre fronts, while the black and white cement floor tiles echo signature Parisian hallways.

Referencing the iconic Eiffel towel and copper-clad Statue of Liberty, the steel structure of the bar and staircase is clad in raw aluminium sheets, fixed with round-rivets typically found on Airstream caravans.


steel stair detail and upstairs dining room

PNY upstairs dining room, black ceiling, uplighting, cement floor tiles

PNY upstairs dining room with large mirror wall

PNY restaurant cement floor tiles, distressed wall finish and large mirror wall

PNY mirror detail

PNY entry awning and shopfront, upstairs dining room

PNY burger restaurant street view of entry awning and shopfront


This project took 7 months to complete. Total floor area is 90 m², with project budget of 180,000€ (excl. VAT/ tax). See more fantastic images about CUT architectures process on their website.

PNY restaurant drawing - floor plans for ground and first floor. PNY restaurant drawing - section

Paris New York, 50 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 10e, Paris. (map)

[Photos © David Foessel. Images and drawings courtesy of CUT architectures.]

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