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A few years ago when I was a responsible adult with a proper job and steady pay, I used to meet my clients around a very expensive “architectural” glass boardroom table. I hated that table. With a passion. Further to this, Husband and I had a black glass dining table for years. I know – WTF, right? Anyway, the things is – I hate most glass furniture, because the anal retentive in me doesn’t like the fingerprints left behind, and the tactile freak in me dislikes that cold nature of glass surface. So why the **bleep** are we talking glass furniture today? Well… sometimes you’ve got to break your own rules and go places you don’t want to go. I’m completely pushing myself out of my comfort zone with this roundup, and in doing so I’ve discovered some incredible new (and not so new) products that take glass and translucent materials to the next level.

Also, given that we recently talked about groundbreaking Translucent Glass Buildings, I thought it would be super fun to explore the world of Translucent Glass Furniture & Products. Are you with me? Ok, let’s do this thing!

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Man Machine Glass Furniture by Konstantin Grcic | Yellowtrace

Man Machine Glass Furniture by Konstantin Grcic | Yellowtrace

Man Machine Glass Furniture by Konstantin Grcic | Yellowtrace

Man Machine Glass Furniture by Konstantin Grcic | Yellowtrace


Konstantin Grcic is known for exploring hi-tech materials and industrial manufacturing process, unconventionally employing them to furniture products. His work can be described as functional, often expressing a technical approach to form, while still remaining sensitive to a certain design aesthetic. In his latest collection ‘Man Machine,’ Grcic continues these investigations, focusing exclusively on glass as his medium.

Images courtesy of Galerie Kreo. Photography © Fabrice Gousset.



Reflections by Claire Lavabre | Yellowtrace


French designer Claire Lavabre has made a mirror that only works when it’s placed in front of a dark shape painted on the wall. A partial reflection is visible in the bevelled frame if it is placed in front of a white surface but the reflection becomes clear when the glass overlaps with dark matte paint. Claire Lavabre used specially treated ultra-reflective glass that also retains high transparency. The effect is an enhanced version of looking at your reflection in a darkened window on a sunny day, or from a lit room when it’s dark outside.

Image © Felipe Ribon.



Milantrace 2014 / Salone del Mobile - Rho Fiera product, e15 | Yellowtrace

Minimalism, theatricality and architecture illustrate the essence of COLOUR by Norwegian designers Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik. In its refined simplicity free of conventional aesthetics, the light COLOUR expands the field of sculpture and light. Open to individual compositions and leant against the wall, COLOUR consists of two slabs of coloured glass in pink and blue in combination with a circular form light diffuser in white. Inspired by natural changing light sceneries, COLOUR emits beautiful atmospheric light. The light was introduced to the E15 collection earlier this year at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

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Studio deFORM Transmission Collection for Kavalier Design | Yellowtrace

Studio deFORM Transmission Collection for Kavalier Design | Yellowtrace

Studio deFORM Transmission Collection for Kavalier Design | Yellowtrace

Studio deFORM Transmission Collection for Kavalier Design | Yellowtrace


Prague-based studio deFORM — Václav Mlynář and Jakub Pollág — has designed the transmission collection for czech glass company Kavalier. The series is made of prefabricated simax glass combined with a specialised welding technique, using Kavalier’s most advanced technology. Joined together with the use of heat, the glass parts fuse together, and the originally individual elements become one material and body.

Images courtesy of Studio deFORM. Photography by Martin Chum.



Milantrace 2014 / Selone del Mobile - Rho Fiera product, Glas Italia | Yellowtrace

‘Shimmer’ by Patricia Urquiola.
Low laminated and glued glass round tables with a special iridescent multicoloured finish. The nuance varies according to the incidence angle of the light and to the vantage point. Objects with magical and ethereal appearance emerge.

Milantrace 2014 / Selone del Mobile - Rho Fiera product, Glas Italia | Yellowtrace

‘Diapositive’ by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.
Collection comprising a bench, sofa, desks and small bookcase in transparent extralight, laminated and thermo- welded glass with elements of solid natural ash at the outer edges of the supporting sides.

Milantrace 2014 / Selone del Mobile - Rho Fiera product, Glas Italia | Yellowtrace

‘Transformer’ by Piero Lissoni.
Collection of vases made from borosilicate glass with cylindrical and conical shapes, deformed in a casual and irregular manner so that each piece is a one-off and cannot be reproduced. This hand-made production makes each vase unique and special.

Milantrace 2014 / Selone del Mobile - Rho Fiera product, Glas Italia | Yellowtrace

‘Crack’ by Johanna Grawunder.
Collection of low tables with parallelepiped shape, in laminated glass glued at 45°, with shattered mirror effect.


Balance and formal refinement, experimentation and functionality are the elements that characterise the new collection that Glas Italia presented at the Salone del Mobile 2014.

The company continues the search for refined and innovative furniture solutions that extend to planned space combining with interior design.

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MILANTRACE 2014 / Best of Milan Design Week, Tortona, Atelier Biagetti | Yellowtrace

Cabinet de Milàn, consists of ultra-white glass cabinet with brass, copper, plastic laminates and wood.

MILANTRACE 2014 / Best of Milan Design Week, Tortona, Atelier Biagetti | Yellowtrace

Table de Milàn, consists of ultra-white glass table with brass, copper, plastic laminates and wood.


Milan designer Alberto Biagetti has created a furniture collection inspired by his home city that incorporates materials salvaged from its aristocratic palazzos. The ‘Bonjour Milàn’ collection includes a cabinet, lamp, large table and groups of side tables made from materials including discarded materials from Milanese homes. “This idea made us think that maybe in the future people will search for plastic in the ground as one of the most precious materials, as happens today with many materials that become more precious and rare over time.” 

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Images courtesy of Atelier Biagetti.



Ambrosiana Collection, Santissimi iron and stained glass trays by Serena Confalonieri | Yellowtrace

Santissimi iron and stained glass trays by Serena Confalonieri from Ambrosiana Collection.

Ambrosiana Collection | Yellowtrace

Ambrosiana Collection.


Ambrosiana is a beautiful collection of objects marked with great femininity, elegance and delicacy, that play tribute to the city known as the most important center for Italian design, Milano. Resulting from the collaboration of three designers; Cristina Celestino, Serena Confalonieri and Elena Salmistraro – Ambrosiana rises from the three women’s intimate relationship and emotional bond with the city of Milano. Ambrosiana was exhibited during Milan Design Week 2014.

Images courtesy of Ambrosiana. Photography © Annacarla Granata.



Only Me by Philippe Starck for Kartell | Yellowtrace

Only Me by Philippe Starck for Kartell | Yellowtrace


‘Only Me’ is a series of wall mirrors designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell, reflecting the narcissism present in each one of us. Known nearly as much for his confident and quirky personality as for his innovative use of single mould injected polycarbonate, Starck has spent the last few decades re-inventing the norm in product design. His latest creation is Only Me, a breathtakingly beautiful and super sleek mirror, that pushes the boundaries of cutting edge design.

Images © Philippe Starck, courtesy of Kartell.



Luis Arrivillaga Frames Tubular Steel Table | Yellowtrace

Luis Arrivillaga Frames Tubular Steel Table | Yellowtrace


‘Stan’ by Luis Arrivillaga is a low table composed with universal design principles and simple geometry so that it can be appropriated to many settings. Two materials form the object – a rectangular sheet of glass and powder-coated tubular steel. Inspired by dutch artist, Piet Mondrian, the linear obscurity changes when viewed from differing angles. The composition of the table in its entirety varies in interpretation with each point of reference. this illusion is manifested without compromising the design, balance, stability and functionality of the piece.

Images courtesy of Luis Arrivillaga.



Apex Tables by Hunting & Narud | Yellowtrace

Apex Tables by Hunting & Narud, materials consist of american ash, cherry, hard maple, red oak and tulipwood with handblown glass.


The beautiful sculptural ‘Apex tables’ designed by Hunting and Narud are handblown glass vessels encase and support turned wooden cones. With minimal contact between the two materials, the apex of the cone which is a small 5mm point, is the only part of the wood in direct contact with the glass creating a sharp visual contrast whilst encapsulating and highlighting the beauty of the wooden cones.

Images courtesy of Hunting & Narud. Photography © Petr Krejčí.



Tonelli Design + Karim Rashid | Yellowtrace

Tonelli Design + Karim Rashid | Yellowtrace

Side Table ‘Digit,’ 2014 is an extra clear or transparent glass unit. You can combine several standard size elements to create different units, such as coffee tables, night tables, and shelves.

Tonelli Design + Karim Rashid | Yellowtrace

‘Veer Coffee Table’, 2013 can be used both horizontally and vertically, thereby obtaining comfortable surfaces suited to various rooms of the house. The coloured edges of the glass slabs highlight the symmetry of the shape, enhancing their poetic transparency and perfect balance.

Tonelli Design + Karim Rashid | Yellowtrace


Italian furniture company Tonelli presented new products designed by D’Urbino-Lomazzi, Matteo Ragni, R&D Tonelli Design 2014, Gonzo Vicari, Giulio Mancini at this years Furniture Fair in Milan. Tonelli manufactures furnishing items and designer objects including a series of high and low side tables as well as storage units, which feature surfaces constructed from smoked, frosted and transparent glass.

Images courtesy of Tonelli Design.



Heigh Ho by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia | Yellowtrace

Heigh Ho by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia | Yellowtrace


Heigh-Ho by Piero Lissoni for Glass Italia is a series of aerial hanging display cases with a lock-in transparent extra-light glass 6mm thick, tempered and glued at 45°. With a mirrored back, special hinges fixed to the wall by means of a frame allow the glass cases to revolve, enabling access to the inside. Objects within are given the illusion of being magically suspended mid-air.

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Images courtesy of Glass Italia.



Prism Mirror Table for Glas Italia by Tokujin Yoshioka for Glasitalia | Yellowtrace

Prism Mirror Table for Glas Italia by Tokujin Yoshioka for Glasitalia | Yellowtrace


Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka presented this reflective glass table for Italian design brand Glas Italia at this years Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Yoshioka’s Prism Mirror Table uses a high-transparency mirrored glass that covers the surfaces of the table to reflect its surroundings. “This piece will be a table like a shimmering sculpture reflecting the view of surroundings,” said Yoshioka. The table is made up of a long rectangular top with bevelled edges, with mirrored blocks for legs.

Images courtesy of Tokujin Yoshioka.



Gueridons Polistallo Crystal Coffee Table by Victoria Wilmotte | Yellowtrace


Paris born product and interior designer Victoria Wilmotte’s collaboration with a stone manufacturer is a collection of furniture and objects made from folded coloured inox and lacquered timber. Victoria is addicted to shapes, subtly chiselled geometry, and carving materials. She deals with creation like a sculptor – sizing up the empty and the full, cutting the object up to the perfect angle or the imperceptible round, and polishing the surfaces until the desired texture is achieved. Ok so this crystal coffee table isn’t quiet glass…but it’s absolutely crystal clear how exquisite it is.

Images courtesy of Victoria Wilmotte.



Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet | Yellowtrace


New York designer Joe Doucet created this mirror that makes the viewer look as if they’re immersed in water as a tribute to victims of Hurricane Sandy. The blue lower half of the circular mirror refracts the light slightly compared to the total reflection of the top, so a small portion of the visage appears in both. The effect is similar to looking through a glass tank that’s half-full of water. Commissioned by Jean Lin and Jennifer Krichels in an initiative to create a unique object to auction to relief the victims of hurricane sandy, “the mirror came about by my thinking that it had been less than six months since Sandy and I almost never thought about it,” he says. “I was struck by how quickly we forget tragedy.”

Images courtesy of Joe Doucet.



Milantrace2014 / Best of Milan Design Week, Triennale, Belgium is Design | Yellowtrace

Left: ‘The Big Bubble’, 2013 designed by Alex de Witte for Dark. Right: ‘Twin,’ 2012 by Stefan Schöning.  


Belgium is Design, was once again in evidence during this year’s Milan Design Week, showcasing ‘Reflections’ exhibition at the Triennale. The Dutch designer Alex de Witte wanted to catch beauty and imagination in the reflections of a massive glass object, titled ‘The Big Bubble’. De Witte got his inspiration for this amazing light made of blown glass from one of the favourite children’s pastimes – blowing bubbles. ‘Twin’ designed by Stefan Schöning is a unique, contemporary coffee table in curved glass, is made from transparent and extra-light glass.

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Images courtesy of Belgium is Design.



Milantrace 2014 / SaloneSatellite, Anliving Design Studio | Yellowtrace


The transparent ‘Deco’ stool by Anliving Design Studio exposes the cross-shaped structure which is the most beautiful detail of the stool. Rusty iron legs present the feeling of second-hand stuff. The whole design combines the new and old material which creates a sense of humble luxury. It’s also a precise expression of post-modernism—to emphasise the original beauty.

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Image courtesy of Anliving Design Studio.



Milantrace 2014 / SaloneSatellite, Guglielmo Poletti | Yellowtrace


This vase by Guglielmo Poletti focuses on the action of re-planting each single flower, giving it back its dignity; a small gesture that brings a touch of poetry and makes us think about the deeper sense of the bouquet. The geometric structure of the vase – a square tube profile which defines a half of a parallelepiped, is intentionally minimalist, working just as a frame for the flowers to be displayed. The tempered extra-clear crystal top is perforated in order to let 10 flowers pass through it.

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Images courtesy of Guglielmo Poletti.



Milantrace 2014 / Ventura Lambrate, Studio Their & VanDaalen | Yellowtrace


Dutch designers Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier have a long-time fascination with glass. The duo presented their work at this year’s Ventura Lambrate in Milan, including their mesmerising ‘Translucent Mirrors’ – but what they are best known for is their impressive ‘Curator Cabinets’ – thin, transparent bubbles of acrylic glass encased in a wooden frame. Using the image of a fragile soap bubble as a starting point, the designers are reinventing the traditional vitrine, creating dreamy showcase cabinets for curiosities and other precious items.

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Images courtesy of Thier&VanDaalen.



Milantrace 2014 / Ventura Lambrate, Cabinet by Paul Heijnen Studio | Yellowtrace


These high quality fully handcrafted modular based showcases designed by Paul Heijen is inspired by an old Phillips factory windowframes, which are fully customisable. This cabinet will either display, or hide your “collecters items” away.

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Images courtesy of Paul Heijnen.



Milantrace 2014 / Ventura Lambrate, Reflection Collection by Lucas & Lucas | Yellowtrace

The Reflection Collection furniture series by Lucas en Lucas.

Milantrace 2014 / Ventura Lambrate, Reflection Collection by Lucas & Lucas | Yellowtrace

Reflection Light by Lucas en Lucas.


The ‘Reflection Collection’ by dutch design studio Lucas en Lucas is a range of interior objects that invite one to look at things from a different perspective. The series consists of 3 different floor lamps, 3 chairs and one standing mirror – all produced as limited editions.

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Images courtesy of Lucas en Lucas.



MILANTRACE 2014 / Best of Milan Design Week, Tortona, Daniel Libeskind for Lasvit | Yellowtrace


Architect Daniel Libeskind has designed a chandelier is made up of clear glass cells blown into angular moulds, creating icicle-like forms for Czech brand Lasvit. The Ice chandelier is made up of clear glass ‘cells,’ blown into angular moulds and then clustered together in a series of puzzle-like, triangular patterns. These modular patterns can be twisted and turned into any number of horizontal compositions to suit a wide variety of spaces. Like stalactites or icicles, the glass forms capture light, refracting it into prisms, so that each column glows in unpredictable ways.

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Image © Lasvit.



Milantrace 2014 / SaloneSatellite, Morten & Jonas | Yellowtrace

‘Shades’ by Morten & Jonas. Materials consist of coated steel legs and blown glass.


Morten & Jonas are a creative design duo living and working in Bergen, Norway. They specialise in furniture and spacial design, but their concepts are far beyond the mundane everday-use products. Three different lampshades mounted on a steel rack join together as a lamp in ‘Shades’. The light spreads from the center and out through the shades, creating an atmospheric light.

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Photo by Montag.



Block A Side Table by Andy Martin at Design Days Dubai 2014 | Yellowtrace

Block A, Side Table, 2014 by Andy Martin. Material’s consist of polyester resin, with dimensions of 35 x 35 x 70 cm.


This multi-disciplinary architect, designer and artist continues to investigate his personal interest in the ephemeral nature of the present design culture. Andy Martin’s most recent work consists of three colourful polyester-resin furniture pieces titled Blocks A/B/C — a stool, side table, and coffee table, loosely abstracted and produced in a 26-piece series. Andy looks to strip the functionality producing a hallucinatory visual experience, that use material, colour and transparency to inspire. “The idea was to start the series with very simplistic forms, to focus on the material and its visual qualities,” says Martin.

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Image courtesy of Crafts Council.



Flow(t) Glass Chandelier by Nao Tamura for Wonderglass | Yellowtrace


Flow(t), designed by Nao Tamura, is a contemporary chandelier composed of frosted glass floats bearing shapes coloured with green-blue tones reminiscent of nautical buoys of the Venetian Lagoon. “The reflections of the Venetian cityscape glistening on the evening water hints at an imaginary city below the moving surface. There is a border between the world under and the land above. In the city of Venice, where the real world and fantasy coexists, this chandelier is the embodiment of the beauty of dual worlds.” – Nai Tamura’s concept description.

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Images courtesy of Nao Tamura.


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