The young team behind Studio11, architects and interior designers based in Minsk, Belarus, have recently completed their own studio space.

The layout accommodates two separate workrooms, a kitchen, a materials and sample library and a bathroom. “The interior did not have any initial stylistic orientation and was formed gradually,” said the designers.

“It is safe to say this space gathers our professional preferences and is a physical expression of our personal philosophy in design,” the team continues. “Here one can find a number of techniques and objects that were used in our projects. One such element is a ceramic module which we developed for one of our interiors. Things like this are very dear to us – they fill the workspace with personal history and additional meaning.”

Overall, the interior is a reinterpretation of the modernist movement with a contemporary twist. Functional and robust, the space is softened with the use of curved shapes and deliberate colour choices.

The floor is a rough concrete screed painted in light grey, while the reinforced concrete slab that forms the ceiling was left unfinished. The walls are part-painted in a complex blue hue, with top sections remaining as worn white plaster. The curtains maintain the same colour layout, which extends the compositional integrity of the walls. The new small wall partition was built using glass blocks, referencing the work of master architects such as Alvar Aalto.

The centrepiece of the kitchen area is the pink island bench, with simple spherical lights hanging above. Together with the walls, the island and the lights create a clear formal composition of colour and shape.

The wall of the main workspace is set on fire with a huge painting by a young Belarusian artist Zakhar Kudin. The bodacious spirit of the painting is reminiscent of the Fauvists’s works the beginning of the last century.


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[Images courtesy of Studio11. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrencshikov.]


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