Located in Barcelona‘s community of Baró de Viver, Sinèrgics is the area’s first social co-working space. The 200 sqm interior has been completely refurbished by the local architects Andrea Serboli and Matteo Colombo of Colombo and Serboli Architecture (CaSA).

The project is a social initiative of the District of Sant Andreu and the Town Hall Of Barcelona in an effort to reactivate the local neighbourhood known for it’s high unemployment rate and scarce economic activity.
 Sinèrgics’ mission is to revive the community of Baró de Viver by attracting professionals to the new co-working space, generating opportunities to develop and create new projects of social value for the area. The space becomes a connector between the professional talent that inhabits the co-working space and the social and entrepreneurial initiatives of the district.

Sinèrgics is aimed at professionals, startups, self-employed workers or small businesses in any professional sector. Currently the space hosts several activities and small companies, spanning different fields: environmental consulting, robotics, fashion, community building, writing, design, floristry, art, web design and education.

CaSA were given the task of transforming the five never-before used and neglected empty premises on the ground floor of a social housing block, into attractive, vibrant workspaces where small companies would want to set up their offices.

Budget was tight, and the project had to make the most of the 200sqm space, while providing visibility for co-working and the community. The fitout needed to communicate openness while keeping the contents safe in an area with security problems.

Each space was given a distinctive colour, with two of the five spaces unified into a larger, central tenancy that incorporates the communal kitchen area. 
The white mesh theme of the window shutters, reappears within the yellow kitchen as tiles, as well as the netting that created the mezzanine reachable via a perforated metal stair. The mezzanine acts as a giant hammock – a communal relaxation area that makes the most of the tight space.

Due to limited budget, the five colours distinctive to each area were painted directly onto existing brick walls. This approach allows for the existing nature of the spaces to be retained while playing with textures. The upper parts of the tenancies are painted white, reflecting the light from large external windows, and also allowing a visual horizon that allows for bold use of colour without being excessive.


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[Images courtesy of CaSA. Photography by Roberto Ruiz.]


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