During the recent Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan, Sancal presented Jungla Collection, showcasing a range of new products for home and contract environments. In keeping with the tradition, the Spanish brand’s enthralling scenography in Milan was as a product in its own right.

“High, gloomy walls cut off the access to our Jungla,” said Sancal in a statement. “Watchful eyes observe, cautious and patient, through the cracks that have been formed over the course of time. They want to safeguard their most precious secrets and save passers-by from voracious spoilers.“

The overall concept for Jungla was inspired by nature in its wildest state, in its chiaroscuros, vibrant colours, randomness, impossible forms and also in its limits. Estudio Sancal reinterpreted nature with a sense of humour, a cornerstone of the Spanish brand’s approach.

A wide range of new products was on show, like the modular seating programme Mousse by Rafa García, Mullit chair by Yonoh, Tortuga dining tables by Isaac Piñeiro, Tonella stools and La Isla auxiliary tables, both from the Swedish Studio Note, as well as DB by Santiago Castaño, Sancal’s founder.


Jungla Collection by Scanal Launches at Salone Del Mobile 2018 | Yellowtrace


Mullit Chair by Yonoh is one of the standouts from the new collection, described as a ‘Cushion on Legs’. This crazy idea was the starting point for Yonoh who rolled up their sleeves and got down to work to create an original chair with a formal design that delivers supreme comfort. Mullit’s proportions are well-balanced thanks to the overwhelming volumes of seat and back cushions set against the visual lightness provided by its legs, inviting you to take a seat and enjoy the sensation of comfort.

“With Mullit, we wanted to design a chair that combined aesthetics and comfort. Somehow, we wanted to transfer the feeling of comfort we have when sitting on a cushion into a chair, without losing ergonomic needs. Volumes and weight play a visual effect in a very functional product”, explains the studio.

Scancal’s 2018 Milan presentation broke with tradition as the brand jumped in the deep with the launch of Cosas, a new line of lifestyle accessories designed to brighten up the world. “We launch with unique textile products, but there will be no limit to the materials or type of object in the range,” stated the brand. As an appetizer, Sancal presents the Lindo Gatito – a ferocious blanket-cushion, the Flower Power textile vases, as well as the most functional and provocative bag-holster on the market Sin-Pistols.


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[Images courtesy of Sancal. Stand photography by Andrea Bartoluccio. Product photography by Marcelo Ibañez.]


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