“Ship o hoy” lamps by Jørgen Platou Willumsen. Materials – Plastic, Pine, Aluminum. This piece was part of Look to Norway exhibition, which is a collective of young Norwegian designers who work together to promote Norwegian design and their northern country. One of the best discoveries I made at this event.


Eclipse Mirror by Nicolai Gulliksen. A portable mirror with a light source behind. Also a part of Look to Norway.


Drops – an oil lamp in mouth blown glass by Marianne Andersen, employ the principles of basic, understandable and craft. Another example from Look to Norway exhibition.


Softostool (solid oak & iron) by Veronika Wildrguber. Super fun and one of my favourite pieces.


Polka table lamp by Florent Coirier. Turned stained oak.


Endangered Particle by Barbara Blassin, part of Croatie, la voici. The project investigates the strong alliance between tourism in Croatia and photography by applying photos of burnt-down landscapes from tourist locations on the Adriatic coast to a series of objects necessary for a summer holiday.


RIM Lamp by Jun Yasumoto. A bare light bulb behind a flat suspended lampshade which can rotate around the light source.


So did you guys think I was all done with my Paris report? Well, you see, I’m only just getting started. Today I’m going to tell you about my time at Paris Design Week (10th-16th Sept 2012).

This year Paris Design Week consisted of approximately 250 events and exhibitions which were scattered all around the city, covering areas of design, fashion, art, gastronomy and innovation. Now only in it’s second year, this event is only a baby when compared some of the other heavyweights on world stage, with much room for growth and improvements. And that’s an exciting thing.

Armed with cameras, notebooks, comfy shoes and ferocious curiosity, Husband and I set out to explore some of the events, making the most of our limited time without baby yellowtrace, who was lovingly babysat by his grandparents. Oh yeah, bringing you this post is a major family undertaking – it almost took a whole village to make it happen. Anyway! We visited  number of events and showrooms only to discover most places were simply sporting a “design week” flag out the front, and inside was business as usual. I expected more of a buzz, more atmosphere and special-ness, however I didn’t get to see it. Alas, one of the more interesting places we visited was now! le Off held at Les Docs, Cité de la mode et du design (City of Fashion and Design), an exhibition dedicated to emerging talent. Just the sort of thing that gets me really excited. Here are some of the highlights of the things we saw.


Cloud City by Well Well Designers. These guys were another favourite discovery.


And again Cloud City by Well Well Designers. The light is designed from a process centered on paper which is cut and folded in order to create a series of geometric shapes and counter-shapes. Each surface has an applied graphic creating different degrees of transparency, with modules evocative of modern architectural forms.


Pop-up corner light by Well Well Designers. The lamp is constructed from a sheet of paper lined with polyphane.
Image © yellowtrace.


Great packaging for pop-up light by Well Well Designers.


Sofa from ‘HAPPY 61!’ series by Zsofia Varnagy & Axel Schoenert. This limited edition of furniture pays tribute to the timeless design of the ‘60s. 


Foal table by Charlene Plourdeau.


Sunset LED table lamp by Alban le Henry. (Previously featured in this post.)


Wall light by Wild Trophy.


[Images courtesy of designers/ © yellowtrace.]

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