Originally conceptualised and documented in late 2013 by Matt Woods, Beccafico is a modern Italian restaurant that draws influence from beach side architecture and classic Scandinavian design. While not obvious bedfellows, the final result is a raw and minimalist interior that ignores the whims of trend and the potential clichés.

The existing site conditions were believed to echo the three design ideologues, and the unapologetically modern development, inclusive of bronze anodised aluminium windows which dominated three of the four facades. Prefabricated concrete walls and ceilings, as well as exposed services throughout, have been exploited to reinforce the idea of a minimally treated interior, reflective of Scandinavian and beachside architecture.

Joinery components are made from recycled and fire charred hardwoods, requiring no further finishing or sealing. Further timber elements feature wire brushed and/or sandblasted recycled Oregon, adding texture and tactility to the minimalist space. All paint finishes, are VOC free, lighting is primarily energy efficient LED, and all materials have been assessed for their embodied energy and embodied water content.

A muted and moody, yet confident palette has been chosen to at all times contrast, yet compliment the food and beverage offering. In true Scandinavian style, the design is stripped back to its bare essentials and beach side forms are alluded to within the eclectic array of timber joinery and furniture.


Beccafico Bar & Trattoria
8/18 Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017


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[Images courtesy of Matt Woods.]


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