Image via PaperTissue.

‘Shine’ chair by Kaori Aoi, via designboom.

Diamond light by Eric Therner, via the artist and his model.

Image via design on the rocks.

Ron van der Ende ‘Taylor-Burton’ (2009) – bas-relief in salvaged wood.

Delicious diamonds by Sarah Illenberger. Previously blogged about here.

Image via ffffound.

Silver vases for Unión Suiza byMartín Azúa, via seesaw.

Hotel Maicson Champs-Elysées in Paris by Maison Martin Margiela. Perviously blogged about here.

Deconstructed diamond. Sorta. Image via Cory Gibbons.

Illustration via krisatomic.

Diamond print via The Best Part.

Limited edition Diamond rug by Emma Elizabeth for Designer Rugs.

Posters by Jason Munn. (Diamond envelope is unfortunately out of print).

Image via inside.

Artificial Moon (yes, ok it’s a moon, not a diamond, but it’s cool and kinda diamondy) by Wang Yuyang is made of hundreds of compact fluorescent lightbulbs, via today and tomorrow.

‘For the love of God’ (2007) by Damien Hirst – a life-size cast of a mature human skull in platinum covered in diamonds. Via designboom.

Image via tigerlilylily.

‘Ring Light’ by Kaori Aoi, via designboom.

Image via avidhuman.

What a fox! Image via rothbart.

Back in the day when I was studying Interior Architecture at UNSW, I worked at a jewelley store selling expensive Swiss watches and hand-made jewellery, custom pieces, engagement rings etc. During this time I developed an understanding and an appreciation for beautiful gemstones, and diamonds in particular. The 4 Cs of diamonds have been imprinted into my brain forever – Colour, Cut, Clarity & Carat. Those of you who have had the pleasure of working with, shopping for or owning you very own diamond will most likely be familiar with these terms.

I vividly remember the thrill of seeing a loose diamond for the very first time – it was wrapped in waxy light-blue paper, and brought in by the head jeweller for a very special client. It was a perfect brilliant (Belgium) cut, D colour, VVS1, 2+ carat… It was just sublime. I remember it’s incredible luster and how it dispersed intense light in different colors, so that I could barely see the actual stone from all the sparkle. I was fascinated (I still am) by the fact that something so delicate and ethereal could be so permanent, unbreakable and unalterable. And so friggin’ expensive!

There is no doubt that diamond is one of the best-known and most sought-after gemstones known to man – they have been highly valued, sought after and desired as decoration since ancient times. Today’s post is a little tribute to our lust for diamonds, and a collection of images and objects inspired by these expensive devils.

Hope you like.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, Joan completely disagrees with today’s post title. Image via Design You Trust.

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  1. lucy

    I am an interior architecture student at UNSW, I work part time at a jewellery store selling expensive/bespoke/hand-made jewellery and today was the first studio for my graduation semester. The project….an Australian gemstone museum. Thank you for posting this TODAY!

  2. ingvill

    Dear Dana!

    I’ve just read your entire blog – including most of its link, and enjoyed it beyond belief. You made my holiday! Thank you so so much, I’m so grateful.


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