Cinker Pictures Shanghai (CPSH) is the latest project to come from a Hong Kong-based studio with a pretty cool business name: Space Modification Unit. CPSH is also the follow up to the studio’s soothing city oasis, the DeHui Tea Space in Beijing, and pretty similarly, has been designed to offer a new sort of urban escape.

Designed in collaboration with the CINKER creative team, CPSH expands on the first Beijing cinema concept, drawing together lounges, a bar, restaurant, cinema, terrace, and a gallery, all in the one spot. The aesthetic takes its inspiration from the Space Race era and 70s sci-fi—a sort of retro-future look, made up of velour, mirrored walls, brushed metal, and terrazzo.

Beyond an unassuming reception booth lies a mirrored corridor, which snakes towards the bar and lounges. An undulating light sculpture above the bar surfs between shades of violet and burnt orange, opposite a row of intimate single-seat banquettes.

Inside the adjoining neat-sized cinema are just 26 red recliners and side tables—meaning viewing will be luxurious, comfortable, and likely too—a fairly tranquil experience (depending on the movie, naturally). The gallery space is fitted with a backlit ceiling that can double as a projection surface, and walls are finished in a black mirror so you’re able to immerse yourself entirely in the artistic experience.


Cinker Pictures Shanghai is located on the 4th floor of HKRI Taikoo Hui.
Wujiang Rd, NanJing XiLu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China.


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