Tel Aviv-based industrial designer Asaf Weinbroom’s latest lighting collection is further confirmation of the fact that we’re really into his work. The Winter 2019 series employs his signature approach of combining timber with materials such as copper, brass and Corian, with fresh twists.

Rather than leaving his usual choice of oak or walnut timber natural, Weinbroom decided to cover it using a layer of matte-finish paint. He keeps the coat deliberately thin so that the texture of the timber is preserved and its fibres remain visible.

“Overall the look and feel of the painted wood is much more natural and warm, and the colour looks deeper,” says Weinbroom.

The monochrome collection sticks within a palette of white, black, and cream. Basic geometric shapes such as rectangles, triangles, circles and straight lines inspired Weinbroom. He combines them in deceptively simple formations, playing off of symmetry to make unexpected attachments that appear intentionally ‘wrong’ and slightly displaced.

“I was curious to make unnatural connections as if it was made in a computer program where everything is possible and all shapes stick together with a computer glue and hold on,” says the designer.

The Zebra 3 light features a long, narrow gable roof shape seemingly suspended by a small rectangular wooden block at one end. The thin wire that actually holds the light is almost invisible, creating a logic-defying illusion.

Round Thin elegantly updates Weinbroom’s previous Round light, the timber veneer painted cream, and a brass tube added around the supporting wire to allow the light to hang straight. Fascinated by movement and mechanical purpose, each light allows movement or adjustability from joints or has multiple positioning options.


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[Images courtesy of Asaf Weinbroom.]


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