Okey-dokes… back to the “old country” we go again today. I wanted to bring your attention to an interesting interior from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana (see my previous post about As Apertivo in Ljubljana). Designed by Trije Arhitekti, Lolita Cafe was completed in 2011, and this year it was nominated for Best International Interior in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Although this space is certainly not my usual style, I am really taken by the flirty feminine aesthetic which is nicely balanced with a muted palette and bold accents of black that somehow manage to tone down the “sickly-sweet girlieness” (oh man, I’m on fire with my made up descriptions today). This look is such a perfect fit for macaroons and fancy cakes sold at the cafe, no? Multiple rich layers in the space are a real feast for the eyes, much like the deserts they serve are for the hungry bellies. There is no doubt that the giant graphic mural applied to the ceiling is the absolute hero. And then a hero comes along… Anyway, such a gutsy move which certainly paid off. I also love the stunning large format herringbone floor stained in a multitude of colours – I personally would have thought that was going be too much when coupled with the crazy ceiling, but no sir – it totally works! Also, no Slovenian interior would be complete without the black cherry pendants by the local design-superstar Nika Zupanc (who in fact designed As Apertivo in Ljubljana I blogged about previously.)

So… whaddaythink? Do you love it?

[Images via Trije Arhitekti & Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.]


8 Responses

  1. Bronwyn

    DITTO – LOVE IT!! And I am much more heavy metal than frou, frou.

  2. Alecia

    I love this! The ceiling is amazing but somehow those cherry lights… It’s like Anna dello Rosso – over the top but magic!

  3. Sarah

    Yes, I absolutely love it. I want to go and get dressed up and have coffee and cake there right now!


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