Lusty Libraries Curated by Yellowtrace

Stories On Design // Lusty Libraries.

It's fairly safe to assume we can all agree that books infuse spaces with texture, colour, depth and character, adding a sense of comfort and a certain warmth. In this increasingly digital and intangible world we live in, books and...
Cunning Cantilevers Curated by Yellowtrace

Stories On Design // Cunning Cantilevers.

The soaring cantilever is a daring thing of beauty. Cantilever speaks of ambition, inspiration, unconventionality and an aversion for doing things the easy way. It’s the extreme sport of architecture as it defies gravity and screams...


Interview: Kelvin Ho AKIN | Yellowtrace

Interview: Sydney Architect Kelvin Ho of AKIN.

Today's interview takes out the award for being THE LONGEST EVER IN THE MAKING. And when I say longest, I mean it's taken over 6 f*#$&!g years to get us here. I know, it's disgraceful, and if it was anyone else I would've probably...