#StoriesOnDesignByYellowtrace: Hair Salons, Barber Shops & Beauty Parlours.

Stories On Design // Grooming Spaces.

First there were solariums. Then there was activewear. Noninvasive laser procedures and the injectables. The Rise of Designer Health Studios & Gyms. And now - it's all about Hair Salons, Beauty Parlours and Barber Shops that take the...
#StoriesOnDesignByYellowtrace: Wrapped Buildings.

Stories On Design // Wrapped Buildings.

Wrapped Buildings are awesome. Why? Because they are just like giant Christmas presents, except way cooler because you get to keep them forever. It's not that often one sees buildings that challenge the conventional to this extent. I...


Studio Space in Blue by Antonio Salinas | Yellowtrace

Studio Space in Blue by Antonio Salinas.

There are some spaces that just hit you right at the bottom of your ribcage. It’s that punch you feel as you suck in air. This space does that. Leaves you sucker punched. And for an entirely empty apartment, that’s some feat....