• Garden Apartment | Paris, France.

    Posted on 11th January, by Dana Tomić Hughes in interior design. 17 Comments

    Ok… So… If someone told me that the image above was of an apartment interior, I would have told them to piss off. Quite seriously. But it turns out that I would have been wrong. Yes, believe it or not, this happens on an occasion, but it is extremely rare. Me being wrong that is…

    [I can just imagine Husband reading this and rolling his eyes.]



    Anyway, now that we have established that this actually an apartment, you might also like to know that it is located in Paris. The amazing garden wall was created by the famous botanist Patrick Blanc, who is the creator of the Vertical Garden.

    Mr Blanc is a man in serious demand, having recently worked on Quai Branly museum by Jean Nouvel. Yes, that’s major demand.



    So how did the owners of this apartment, The Dimanches, manage to get Patrick Blanc to do their place? Well, it turns out they are friends. Lucky them.

    By the way, the impressive indoor garden measures 6 by 7 meters. In other words, it’s enormous and it seriously dominates the living room. But it works so beautifully and I can imagine sitting there would feel like being in the middle of a rainforest.

    Extreme love.


    [Photography by Jessica Antola. Images via dwell.]

  • 17 Responses to “Garden Apartment | Paris, France.”

    1. victoria says:

      what a gorgeous place. that wall….sigh.

    2. wow! beautiful & green! happy Monday to you

    3. Sarah says:

      Wow – what a gorgeous take on art – very clever and you can see why Patrick Blanc is in such demand.

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    5. Annie May says:

      This is my favorite space of all time! I saw these images years ago and honestly from the day I saw them they haven’t left my mind. I still have this magazine…actually 2 of this magazine! LOVE! thanks for sharing again! it made me excited all over again:-)

    6. Cherry says:

      Since I was a child, I’ve always dreamed of living at least partially in a greenhouse. This would be an acceptable alternative. Just imagine the air quality, AND its so beautiful.

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    8. Noe says:

      These garden walls are divine. To achieve a lush look indoors– especially in contrast to the architecture surrounding, is a look you can’t take your eyes off of. Just beautiful!

      -xoxo Noe

    9. jennifer says:

      so much beauty..i’m speechless!!

    10. Mandy says:

      I love this, just beautiful !!!

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    12. Nina says:

      The guy is a total nutbag- but fabulous in every way!
      He has green hair, green clothes- green shoes, green finger nails and green smokes!! I got to work with him here in Sydney- and it was an amazing experience! He’s done some really amazing work- and a few jobs here in Aus.

    13. Maria says:

      Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING… another ideal of the
      perfect place captured…

    14. yellowtrace says:

      Thank you all for your comments – I always really love hearing what you guys think. This apartment is now at least 5 years old (which is pretty ‘old’ in this day and age in which we seem to move on with the speed of light). It is a true testament to the fact that good design and true beauty are timeless and never date.
      x dana

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    16. ana says:

      this is so gorgeous. I’ve seen vertical gardens on outdoors this is the first time I see something indoors. Amazing!!!!

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