Toilet Paper Installation, art, Sakir Gökcebag

Toilet Paper Installation, Sakir Gökcebag

Toilet Paper Installation, pattern, Sakir Gökcebag

Toilet Paper Installation, tree, Sakir Gökcebag

installation detail, Sakir Gökcebag



Elevating mundane household items to spectacular works of art never gets old for me, although I certainly never thought it was possible to create this much beauty from the shitty ol’ toilet paper. (Boom, Boom… Forgive me, I couldn’t resist). German-based Turkish-born artist Sakir Gökcebag manages to unlock the magical potential of toilet paper rolls in his ‘Trans-Layers’ series of installations completed in 2010. Visit Gökcebag’s website for many more interesting examples of his work.

Clever, witty and beautiful, a sure recipe for Extreme Love!


Installation view, Sakir Gökcebag

Installation view, Sakir Gökcebag

[Images © Sakir Gökcebag, via booooooom and iGNANT.]

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