• Design Free Thursday // Bulldogs in Fancy Dress.

    Posted on 1st November, by Dana Tomić Hughes in photography, random fun. 4 Comments


    You can go right ahead and consider this post to be my token tribute to Halloween. Or not. Either way, I find these images of bulldogs sporting fancy dress outfits intriguing, amusing and just plain hilarious, particularly given they date back to 1905. Somehow I never imagine people would have been this silly back then. Maybe it is because they wore such serious clothes, smoked pipes and had perfectly groomed hair…

    [Image source - Library of Congress, via Retronaut.]

  • 4 Responses to “Design Free Thursday // Bulldogs in Fancy Dress.”

    1. CD says:

      I find this absolutely hilarious!

    2. Joey Thomas says:

      I love the bottom photo. So cute.. in an ugly kind of way.

    3. Thomas says:

      Now who doesn’t love a pet in fancy dress!

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