“Interior branding” or “branded environments” is a term which has been getting a fair bit of traction in the recent years. This is not at all surprising – in today’s day and age with such incredibly fierce competition in the marketplace, every business ought to be putting their best foot forward in every aspect of what they do – from online presence, graphic identity and physical spaces, to packaging, staff attire, soundtracks and menus (where appropriate) etc. Interiors are almost always one of the biggest investments a business can make, so it is all the more crucial to get these spaces right – when done correctly, branded environments extend the experience of brands, and in turn make them more “tangible”.



So why aren’t all businesses doing this? My question exactly! Who wouldn’t want a streamlined, concise and 360 degree brand experience? Those who think it’s impossible, expensive, or unnecessary? Well let me tell you something for nothing – it’s possible, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s absolutely necessary! You just need to hire the right people. Like these guys did – El Montero, a restaurant located in Saltillo Coahuila, a city on the northern Mexican border, designed by Anagrama.



Located near one of Mexico’s deserts, the menu represents the restaurant’s context which is inspired by regional food interpreted in a contemporary way. The interior dates back to the colonial period – a source of much national pride for Mexico. The brand development was executed by paying respect to all of these elements, with visual and culinary style of the restaurant reflected throughout.

There is a lovely duality in the overall aesthetic – sharp, slick, contemporary elements work beautifully with sophisticated aged materials, sprinkled with just enough gold and bling to lift things up a notch. Top marks from me!


[Images courtesy of Anagrama.]

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  1. EM-K

    this is fantastic – they really thought the brand through. bravo to the creative team behind this! and thanks for sharing1


    […] El restaurante Montero se encuentra situado en la ciudad de Saltillo, en el estado mexicano de Coahuila, cerca de la frontera con Texas. La zona que rodea  a esta ciudad es desierto y el estilo visual y culinario del restaurante refleja esta circunstancia. La ciudad es conocida tanto como la Atenas de México (por su historia y la concentración de los intelectuales) y el Detroit de México, por las plantas de montaje de automóviles de Mercedes Benz, General Motors y Chrysler. […]


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