Blow me down with a feather why dontcha? First of all, I cannot friggin believe I am blogging about Zaha Hadid’s work, but not just that – Zaha’s work I really like. What the…? Well, stranger things have happened I guess. For the recent Paris Fashion Week 2012 Chanel runway show, Karl Lagerfeld commissioned Hadid to design the catwalk with a nautical concept and transform the Grand Palais for women’s Spring/Summer collection. How incredible, no? This is what happens when designers hit that sweet spot of inspiration, magic and unlimited budget.

Isn’t it just crazy to think all that effort went into a 15 minutes show? And I’m not talking about the set only. How about all the clothes (the most divine, exquisite, lust-worthy clothes… *le sigh*), the shoes, the bags and the make-up. It’s exhausting! I was so taken by these images and the video, so I had to dig a bit deeper to discover some great shots taken backstage before the show (see below). The most amazing attention to detail or what?

Oh ok, and let’s have another look at the clothes. Hell yeah!

But back to Zaha. I noticed a comment over on ArchDaily which summed up perfectly how I felt about her work and I simply had to repost it -

“This is what Hadid should do more of and leave the REAL buildings to REAL architects. After I walked around the outdoor ground level at the Phaeno Science Center I was on the brink of depression initiated suicide. Luckily I walked out from underneath it and saw the sun which restored my hope in life.”

Genius! I couldn’t agree more.

Now back to me… Perhaps next year I’ll get my own personal invite from Mr Lagerfeld to attend the Chanel show at the Grand Palais, front row of-course (cause that’s the only way to roll), and some new clothes to wear on the day… oh ok, lifetime supply of all things Chanel. What? You think that’s a bit of a stretch? Probably is, but I’ll go on dreaming about it and living in hope…

x dana

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  1. Josh

    Totally AMAZING! Brings together my three favourite things, Chanel, Zaha Hadid and FLorence Welch. Zaha’s famous and beautiful aesthetic tie seamlessly with the chic, timeless aesthetic of Chanel. It is just amazing.


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