• ‘Sense of Space’ // Asplund Furniture Collection for 2013.

    Posted on 13th February, by Dana Tomić Hughes in product design. 7 Comments

    Asplund furniture, LUC top, black piano, white sofa, concrete floor, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, FRAME table, FILE drawer, MINIFLAG tufted carpet, concrete floor, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, KILT cabinet, concrete floor, green, white, product styling

    Asplun Furniture, SWOON candlestick, KILT cabinet, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, TATI desk, MEMIRROR table, product styling


    Asplund furniture collection for 2013, ‘Sense of Space’, was launched at last week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian design. The respected Swedish design store and manufacturer set out to emphasises the proportions of the furniture and their relationship to the spaces they occupy with this stunning new collection.

    Some of the new products include PROUST shelving system, Me mirror, FILE storage drawer, SWOON candlestick, and new carpets, home-wares and accessories in the series TATI, FRAME, KILT, FUNKIS and SNOW.


    Asplund Furniture, MEMIRROR floor, MINIFLAG tufted carpet, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, FRAME glass cabinet, white, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, TATI mirror, black, white, concrete floor, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, TATI coatrack, TRACKS carpet, black, product styling

    “Our philosophy has always been to create clean, elegant lines that never go out of fashion, and products of a quality that ensures durability. A good, new design that is interesting and that you will enjoy having as long as it is with you.”

    This, my friends, is what I call design perfection. And lets not forget the ever-imortant beautiful product photography and clever styling. These guys have nailed it on all fronts.


    Asplund Furniture, TATI table, concrete floor, dining room, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, KILT cabinet, timber, orange, product styling

    Asplund Furniture, rug, pink, concrete floor, product styling


    [Images courtesy of Asplund].

  • 7 Responses to “‘Sense of Space’ // Asplund Furniture Collection for 2013.”

    1. Eva says:

      Gorgeous!! Great find

    2. Andrea says:

      why cant we share your amazing info on pininterest?? ;(

      • yellowtrace says:

        I’m not sure what you mean Andrea? Are you not able to pin at all? We haven’t heard this from anybody else before (and we’ve tested on our end and all looks fine). Are you having issues pinning from a mobile device or computer?

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    4. Amit Pandey says:

      one of the best site deals with furniture things of good quality.

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