Valentine's Day Cards, I love you so much I've got a picture of your face on the inside of my undies.

Valentine's Day Cards, I love you so much I've saved one of your farts in a tupperware container.

Valentine's Day Cards, I love you so much I'm wearing a vest made from mostly your pubic hair.


I have a confession to make – I am a V-Day hater. Alas, I thought these creepy weirdo-rama Valentine’s Day cards were too funny and summed up just how I feel about this ridiculous and over-commercialised stupid day. Besides, what is more romantic that admitting to your loved one you have a special shrine in your undies dedicate just to them. No amount of over-priced long-stemmed red roses can top that shit.


Valentine's Day Cards, I love you so much I ate one of your used band-aids.

Valentine's Day Cards, I love you so much I bought a cat that looks just like you.


These genius cards are the work of Hubbawelcome – East-London based art collective formed in 2009 by Australian-born long term collaborators Chris Mundy and Greg Lockhart. Greg is an award-winning commercial illustrator, most recently recognised for his work in the MAYOR OF LONDON “Save the Bees” ad campaign, while Chris is an art director at M&C SAATCHI in London. Their work is inspired by “online culture and the psychology of growing up in the information age”.

[Images courtesy of Hubbawelcome, discovered via Design TAXI.]

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    hope you do this, show Valentine cards in mid-january, for every holidays. Could you work up a recap from last year to what is new this year??


    ps Any way I could get a response that these posts are ending up infront of a human being??


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