Accident Series by Zeren Badar | Yellowtrace

Bedar’s Very First Accident. Old masters meets pop art and found objects.

Accident Series by Zeren Badar | Yellowtrace


Accident Series by Zeren Badar | Yellowtrace

Lady Gaga.


Turkey-born, NYC-based artist and photographer Zeren Badar has an intriguing way of creating compelling art. He does it by accident. Ok, so that may not be completely accurate, but as you see in this series of photos titled “Accident Series”, Badar explores a peculiar combination of photography, painting and collage to create new and unexpected images. In this photography project, he puts together unlikely combinations to generate a 3D feel with found objects, food and cheap  old paintings to generate a completely new type of image. Turning pre-existing works of art that initially evoke viewers memory, Badar then uses strong shadows, layering, crumpling and folding effects to give a 3D sense in the final work.


Accident Series by Zeren Badar | Yellowtrace

Tragic end of the girl with a pearl earring.

Accident Series by Zeren Badar | Yellowtrace

Endless Love.

Accident Series by Zeren Badar | Yellowtrace



The artist explains: ‘By using unexpected juxtapositions of objects, I try to create ambiguity and pull viewers attention deeper to my photographs. In many ways, I examine new type of way still life.’ He may claim these are accidents, but as you can probably gather yourself, these are carefully orchestrated and arranged images photographed with intention. We dig.


[Image courtesy of Zeren Badar.]


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