P-E-K STUDIO introduced a new character and branding element in the form of Yukie Snack Bar, a holding bar addition to the popular Mr.Miyagi Restaurant in Melbourne. The outcome is a narrative that controls the customer’s sensory procession of the dining experience. The owner’s brief was to extend the venue into a dilapidated neighbouring warehouse located through the rear of the restaurant.

P-E-K STUDIO sort references from Tokyo’s Snack Bars and the contemporary Japanese love industry. Queue the mischievous Mr Miyagi to unveil his mistress, Yukie.

As one passes through the internal laneway the interior finishes gently shift from a darker masculine restaurant to refined and solid natural surfaces. The space embodies the femininity of Yukie whilst conveying a cheeky love story and flirtatious atmosphere. An interior that represents an amalgamation of traditional Japanese minimalistic building techniques with contemporary colour pops. The design uses consistent radial and tubular details with natural stone, insitu concrete and custom designed timber furniture. It is these details that characterise the femininity of the mistress through the robust, natural and neutral traditional Japanese materials.

Mr Miyagi Restaurant’s primary offering is grazing styled Japanese food serving dinner only. Opening in 2013, the popularity of the venue has overwhelmed the owners, forcing customers to wait in the street for over 2 hours for a table. Yukie Snack Bar has introduced a new element to the business model and a procession to the customer dining experience. The floor plan now allows for a 60% increase in patrons whilst retaining the intimacy of the prominent 100 seat restaurant.


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[Photography by Dan Hocking.]


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