Located in an 18th-century building on the Wanås Estate with a history that goes back to medieval times, Wanås Hotel offers Nordic design and sustainability. The hotel is surrounded by the renowned sculpture park The Wanås Foundation. Eleven guest rooms are individually decorated, combining contemporary Nordic design with mid-century classics, using local materials and warmth added through continental influences.

Guests are invited to ramble in the sculpture park set in the majestic beech and oak forests. Although small scale, the hotel is stylish and personal, offering sustainable local products and materials sourced from the Estate, such as oak flooring and salvaged timbers. The entire estate is organically certified and sustainable.

“Wanås Restaurant Hotel is a cultural and culinary destination, but also a place for the soul. Honesty, to ourselves, to our guests and to nature, is central to every meal and every stay at Wanås,” explains Managing Director Kristina Wachtmeister.

Contemporary art, a lobby with a fireplace, a sunny courtyard and a mudroom equipped with rubber boots invite guests to venture out or to take a peek in The Art Gallery. Wanås has a long history of inviting guests and art lovers. Wanås Hotel continues this tradition and opens the place for travellers from near and far to experience nature, history and contemporary art around the year.

The hotel restaurant is completely influenced by its surroundings: the forests teeming with game, mushrooms, berries, and the organic farm that produces milk and meat, as well as vegetables. To serve what is grown, hunted and to harvested is the backbone for the restaurant. To value, and to be proud of what nature and the farm provide, and the produce of small-scale artisanal producers from the area are at the core of every meal. The menu is seasonal and changes depending on availability.


Wanås is situated in the south of Sweden 1,5 h from Malmö/Copenhagen.


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[Images courtesy of Wanås Hotel. Photography by Magnus Mårdinger.]


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