Hello readers – my name is Luke and I’m an architect from Sydney. It’s a real treat to be asked to post on yellowtrace while Dana is busy reaching practical completion on what promises to be her best design yet.

Up until quite recently I was based in the UK. At Knoll London’s 2011 Christmas party (fun times with fab furniture), the goodie bag included a disc with scanned images from an old, undated, Knoll catalogue. I thought they were so great that I shared them with Dana, and now, at her suggestion, I’m sharing them with you.

What I love about much of Knoll’s furniture is that to me, it appears timeless. Paradoxically, what I enjoy most about these photos is that they are, without question, dated.

These photos are a period piece. There’s a comfortable opulence captured here that speaks of a way of life, manner of styling, and an interior aspiration that isn’t how we roll any more – though perhaps I’m not hanging out with the right Double Bay grannies. If the people from early 80s LeSpecs catalogues had great houses stuffed with Saarinen furniture, they’d probably look a bit like this.

The styling here strikes me as Casablanca chic, with a twist of Golden Girls… I don’t think these pictures need serious comment and I’m certainly not qualified to offer any. Just enjoy them.


The cover page. Azure sea, sky, and Saarinen. Strap on your white pants and yachtie shoes and pass the champers.


A great dining setting on a rug I just want to munch!


These Saarinen chairs are without question among the comfiest dining chairs you can find. If you are ever able to get a set, I recommend you do! I do love a good brick floor…


An al-fresco evening setting that rocks my Casbah.


See, I’d not have thought to pair my Rhineland schloss with a tulip setting but blow me down, it really works.
[Nb – I do not have a Rhineland schloss.]


The heavy brick patio of days of yore – I wish I could dive into this picture and find out what’s under that chicken.


Canary yellow tulip table. On balance, I think I would.


Now with added Canary….


Plat-tastic. I’m not a fan of these chairs as a rule but how great are they here?


[Included just for the dog – nothing dates your styling like an Afghan hound… I shouldn’t be so glib – dogs are for life, not just 1970s photo shoots.]


Meanwhile, at the Sofa King Hot Sofa Shop…


A Brno will totally go with your mohair throw don’t you know….. and more Saarinen for lunch on the terrace. Moreish Moorish.


And finally – yes, that’s a leopard print sofa. Which proves Saarinen furniture is like champagne – it goes with anything.



[Images scanned images from an old, undated, Knoll catalogue.]

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Luke Moloney

Luke is an architect from Sydney who has travelled extensively throughout Australia, Western Europe and Southern Africa. He has a deep appreciation of Scandinavian architecture and design, and a love of architectural history in general. He believes that the best design is beautiful and accessible, uncomplicated, and a pleasure. Luke buys far too many books, and in his spare time wonders if he has what it takes to be ‘Detail’ magazine’s first cover model.

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  1. Gemma

    Hilarious!!! Love comment re: leopard print sofa!!! Just what I needed on a Monday morning! Thanks.

  2. Sarah-Jane

    Ahhh so many of my favourite things in one place! Thanks Luke & Dana. Bring back the yellow Saarinen side table I say!

  3. Anna

    All that shagpile… I’m thinking 70’s, mid to late. The Saarinen womb chair is still a wonderful piece of furniture, saw it used to great effect a few years ago in magenta.

  4. Susan Rubinsky

    That stuff is totally dated. I’m dating myself by saying so but I remember most of it from the first time around. I feel like I’m stuck in the Brady Bunch’s oh so mod house.

  5. Ezabelle

    I reaaally enjoyed that. I love how back then they used to sell you this prawn cocktail lifestyle- even on the high-end stuff.

    And we take it so granted now, but it’s amazing how revolutionary that tulip base was. Very cool! Great post.


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