In time for both Collective Design in NYC and Salone del Mobile this month, Melbournian master of light Christopher Boots has revealed a new suite of photographs showcasing a selection of both his new and classic lighting pieces. The photographs follow the design studio’s conceptual theme for the year— Buckminster Fuller’s 1969 essay, Utopia or Oblivion.

From the architect, futurist, and philosopher who invented the geodesic dome and coined cool phrases and words like ‘Spaceship Earth’ and ‘ephemeralisation’—Utopia or Oblivion is a blueprint for a world where everyone’s needs are 100% met, and the root cause of war is withered away. For Christopher Boots, the idea was to imagine a refuge from the noise and turbulence of our times—an indoor utopia steeped in beauty, and sheltered from the oblivion outside.

The series has been shot by LA-based John Tsiavis, who has worked with Christopher Boots before, and whose portfolio otherwise includes portraits of Peter Dinklage, Blac Chyna, and Geoffrey Rush. The series draws from Italian Futurism, Art Deco, and speculative fiction, with the idea of providing an honest beauty in the personal world. And within this are Christopher’s ethereal quartz crystal ‘Prometheus’, ‘Pythagoras’ and ‘Stalactite’ chandeliers, wall lamps, and pendants.


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[Images courtesy of Christopher Boots. Photography by John Tsiavis.]


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