I found this image in the current FRAMEmagazine (Jan/ Feb 2010 issue) and I had to share it with you immediately! It is so beautiful. The work is by the Argentine artist Thomás Saraceno, born in 1973 who now lives and works in Frankfurt am Maine.

The images shows Saraceno’s “Poetic cosmos of the breath” installation in London’s Gunpowder Park. The volume was created using iridescent foil inflated with warm air and bright colours were intensified by the rising sun.

I found it interesting that Thomas educated as an architect, however he decided to pursue art because “the architecture I’d seen was pretty boring. Architects have to go after commissions and then try to please their clients. I wanted to develop new structures, but saw few opportunities in architecture schools for experimental research… As it was, I felt better able to express my ideas through art“. {via FRAME #72}

Here’s some more interesting work by this talented artist.


“Galaxies forming along filaments, like droplets along the strands of a spider’s web” at Venice Bianale {image via Tanya Bonakdar Gallery}


“Cloudy House” at Andersen’s Contemporary Berlin, 2009 {image via materia}

Tomas Saraceno “Biospheres” at Statens Museum for Kunst, 2009 {image via Yatzer}

Tomas Saraceno “Biospheres” at Statens Museum for Kunst, 2009 {image via Yatzer}


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  1. Alex

    I wish more exhibits in modern art musesums were this dramatic, perhaps some of us non-artsy folk would visit more often. We need something interesting to draw us in, maybe we’ll stay if other exhibits are fascinating as well.

    • yellowtrace

      Even though I’m (kind of) one of those artsy folk you mention, I completely agree with you Alex. More dramatic art installations please!


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