Designed and curated by architect, interior designer and plant cultivator Jason Chongue, The Plant Society explores and reinterprets the traditional plant nursery within Melbourne‘s developing city. After rapidly outgrowing their existing home, The Plant Society recently took up residence in a historic garment factory in Collingwood (also home to CIBI and United Measures).

The new flagship celebrates and invites visitors to experience the many facets of the building’s interior which over time has evolved and shifted to accommodate previous residents. With its very own conservatory – housing a growing collection of sentimental plants acquired by Jason through friends, family and fellow gardeners – The Plant Society Flagship aims to embrace more than a retail space. The space allows the community to meander and linger through a permanent oasis.

The interior was inspired by conservatories in Europe and America, taking the visitors on a beautifully crafted sensorial journey. The multipurpose space serves as the head office, plant shop, conservatory and home of the new label J.CHONGUE which explores fine goods from near and far.


The Plant Society Flagship is located at 33-39 Keele Street, Collingwood, VIC.
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[Images courtesy of The Plant Society. Photography by Armelle Habib. Styling by Jason Chongue.]


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