Architecture Architecture have radically transformed an inner city Melbourne house into a family home with four bedrooms, and a generous open plan living/ dining/ kitchen area that opens up onto the outside deck. The existing red brick building was ‘sexified’ with a series of neat architectural insertions, such as the 3D formed steel door, boxed out floating windows, a cunning metal plate awning over the arrival which provides shade and adds an element of surprise. Internally, a new skylight slash black ceiling situation creates a sense of drama. Further visual interest is provided via a built timber seat which hugs the corner of the room, and circular floor set down at arrival lined in metal.

So. This description was entirely made up by us, based on simply looking at the images. Did we get it right? Who knows, but hopefully our description honours the architects’ intent. In the meantime, below is the project description sent to us by the design team. I mean, are you for real? Cool project though.


“The Taranaki Rift is an inner-suburban rupture off the east bank of Brunswick, initiated in the early-Turnbullian, due to the expansion
of the Goodman van Dyke cluster. This highly unusual feature is the result of intra-plate movement in the sedimentary accretions of the post-Menzian era, resulting in a heterogenous formation of mineral deposits and clays.

Founded on the olivine basin flows and residual silts of the Jika Jika, the Taranaki formation is divided into two main components: the relatively underformed foundational southern complex; and the later-formed northern rift, which consists of multiple compressional features, reverse faults and inversion structures.

The Taranaki Rift is characterized by substantial movement and unconformity in the outer crust, with carbonic complexes evidenced in the over thrust, and low-order meta-sediments representing the original accretionary clays beneath. The rift, located on Plan of Subdivision No. 8112, is a unique feature in an otherwise conforming terrain, indicative of imminent tectonic shifts.“


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[Images courtesy of Architecture Architecture. Photography by Tom Ross.]


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