Opened earlier this year, LouLou is the latest restaurant by Danish design studio Space Copenhagen, quickly becoming a highlight of the Danish capital’s restaurant scene. Continuing their ongoing collaboration with highly acclaimed chef Bo Bech, LouLou explores the more playful and seductive aspects of dining, while creating a comfortable, alluring and embracing environment.

Based in the heart of the city, with a sophisticated menu and a classic cocktail selection, LouLou’s interior is a refreshing break, featuring deep blues, grey carpets and oak. In contrast to a lot of Space Copenhagen’s projects that carry a very Nordic touch, LouLou has a dreamier, more magical feel inspired by the neon-lit metropolitan night.

Space Copenhagen worked both texturally and spatially with soft warm tones, subdued lighting and large welcoming sofas, using their own lounge chairs produced by Gubi. The duo’s Stay Chair, upholstered in deep blue velour is used both as a lounge and dining chair, stressing the easy and welcoming atmosphere of LouLou.

Table settings are simple, with clean metallic lamps and white tablecloths, and the décor of the space has been carefully selected, with elegant mirrored walls, collages of photographs and geometric and neon artworks by the local artists and creative personalities of Copenhagen.


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[Images courtesy of Space Copenhagen. Photography by Joachim Wichmann.]


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