During Milan Design Week 2018, Le Morandine collection – a homage to still life master Giorgio Morandi, created by designer Sonia Pedrazzini – will reveal its poetic nature in the heart of Milan’s famous Brera Design District. Founded in 2009, the brand is officially unveiling its latest collection for 2018 in the elegant Amouage boutique, located at Via Fiori Chiari 7, Milan.

The creator of the project and founder of the brand, Sonia Pedrazzini, explains that Le Morandine “is conceptual work which, through the tools of design, re-appropriates Giorgio Morandi’s poetics and compositional methodology to bring the objects which the master represented in his still life works back into three dimensions”. This approach initially led to a limited edition of artistic candles, followed by a collection of ceramic vases, whose forms are evocative of Morandi’s still life paintings. This range of small accessories is realised in the master’s typical colour palette, characterised by the matt, chalky appearance of everyday objects which the artist found and repainted before immortalising them in the waxy light of his paintings.

Le Morandine are not just simple vases but genuine high-design pieces, silent and austere yet resolutely iconic, created with the specific intention of bringing people closer to Morandi’s œuvre and way of working. Those who approach these small domestic sculptures indeed know that they will be able to interact with them and arrange them in infinite variations, experimenting with new compositions in the same freedom with which the master arranged his objects before committing them to the canvas.

Through this poetic collection of objects, a transfiguration of Morandi’s painted bottles, each of us is able to “be” like the artist looking on at his intimate and yet universal world.

The exceptional venue for the official unveiling of Le Morandine is the refined Amouage boutique, located in the heart of Milan’s Brera district. The flagship store in Via Fiori Chiari houses the exclusive creations of the luxury fragrance brand. “This match-up with Amouage is a happy coincidence,” the collection’s creator concludes, “and the dialogue between the two brands during Milano Design Week is deeply significant for me and represents a new and exciting creative exchange”.


Le Morandine can be viewed during Milan Design Week 2018 at Amouage boutique at Via Fiori Chiari 7, Milan.


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[Images courtesy of Sonia Pedrazzini. Photography by Katarina Di Leva.]


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