Zenith Design Studio has just launched its latest offering to the commercial sector with Sol-Mix. Through understanding the enormous potential of user-centred design thinking, this portfolio of mobile, modular, reconfigurable and versatile furniture aims to celebrate the dynamic nature of the contemporary workplace, while also providing the all-important tools of both individual and collective end-users.

Sol-Think is a single chair with a high back and sides that embraces its end-user in a visual and quieter realm of privacy and focus. Coupled with the Sol-Sit seating modules in various dimensions, straight or curved sculptural forms, the configuration welcomes informal gatherings for quick tête-à-têtes that can increase in informality and congregation with artfully arranged Sol-Dash mobile stools.

Whether donning waiting rooms or working areas, the Sol-Bench’s accommodating height and generous straight or curvaceous form can be infinitely reconfigured in arrangement and space that, when combined with Sol-Rest’s armchair with a sweeping arm or Sol-Lap’s tablet-friendly tables, means that waiting no longer means simply killing time, or working no longer means sitting down.

Applied for either strict or flowing think-tanking sessions, Sol-Sketch’s mobile whiteboard acts as the fulcrum for meetings, presentations, or is modular enough to simply act as an efficient way to temporarily divide open-plan spaces. And, to accommodate larger teams, Sol-Pavilion is a semi-private booth that has proven popular for facilitating quick meetings that require a degree of privacy or intimacy due to its exceptional acoustic attenuation.


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[Images courtesy of Zenith Design Studio. Photography by Haydn Cattach.]


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