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Hello and welcome to another yellowtrace week. Hooray for that! Now, as you can imagine, my e-mail inbox gets quite a workout these days, with many weird and wonderful submissions from all over the place. So many clever people out there, sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode with all that brain power! What are you guys doing to me? Anyway, whilst I can never feature most of these submissions, I often end up wracked with guilt about not being able to support and promote all the bright and ambitious young and young-at-heart creatives. So I decided to do a quick little mash-up post showing a small selection of the submissions I received in the last few months, as I believe they all deserve their 5 minutes in the sun. Besides, I just wanted to share a little bit of love in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

But before we get into it, a little side note on Valentine’s Day. If you recall my recent thoughts on Christmas, it will come to you as no surprise that I friggin’ hate Valentines Day with a passion – it’s a made-up, commercialised, giant crock which doesn’t serve anyone. Unless you’re, maybe 14 years old. Or a retailer. Those in relationships are made to feel guilty for not spending overinflated amounts of money on their loved ones. Because I really need that insanely expensive bunch of long-stemmed red roses, a heart-shaped card that says ‘be mine’, and a set-menu restaurant dinner to know that I am loved. Please! And those who are not in relationships are made to feel guilty for, well, not being in a relationship. So, I’m not cool with it, ok?

Sorry, just had to get that out of the way. Man, I’m a cranky little blogger, aren’t I? Anyway, let’s get on with the show.


First cab off the rank is Sonya Rothwell, a Sydney based figurative artist who does such beautiful work. Sonya is going to be a part of a group exhibition which starts this month – see details below:

Opening night Tuesday 22nd February
Urban Uprising Gallery | 314 Crown Street | Darlinghurst, Sydney
Show runs until Thursday 3rd March

Top – ‘toujour toi’ III by sonya rothwell 2010 : mixed media on paper : 53 x 68 cm. Bottom left – ‘love. you. always.’ II by sonya rothwell 2010 : mixed media on paper : 75 x 75 cm. Bottom right – ‘all naked in a sultry sky’ I by sonya rothwell 2010 : mixed media on paper : 0.85 x 1.52 m



Kirbee Lawler is a 21 year old illustrator and graphic designer from Sydney. This is what she says about her work – ‘My illustrations are based around cute characters that inhabit my dream-world. They are sometimes cute, sometimes gloomy but always loveable! I have been drawing for as long as I remember, give me a Crayola pencil and a piece of paper and I am happy!’

Check out Kirbee’s blog, Facebook page and Etsy shop.

Super sweet illustrations by Kirbee Lawler.



Darren Song is a graphic designer from Adelaide and stitches on paper during his spare time. Hello patience! You can buy Darren’s work from his Etsy shop.

Newspaper stitching by  Darren Song.



Chrissy Lau is from Yorkshire, England but now lives & draws in Sydney, Australia. Her recent commissions include Smiggle, Mambo and Gary Pepper Vintage. She say that she is “Taking on the world, one drawing at a time”. And I like that.

Mushroom Ladies (top) and Tickling Rabbits (bottom) by Chrissy Lau. Gorgeous, and very St Valentines-ey, especially the bottom one with tiny little love hearts!



And last, but not least – a little bit of international flavour. Pragya Kothari is an independent artist and illustrator based in Philadelphia, USA. Her tagline is ‘Art that makes you smile!’ Yay! Check out Pragya’s blog and her Etsy shop.

One-of-a-kind quirky bird art, made using paper buntings, thread and 8 x 10″ poster print mounted on white backing by Pragya Kothari. I believe that this particular one is sold, but more can be found at Pragya’s Etsy shop.


So, there you have it. Hope you enjoy this little selection and please let me know if this is something you’d like to see more of on the blog. I always love hearing what you guys think.

I wish you a wonderful day full of smiles, sunshine and love. Not just today. Everyday. Long live LOVE! And Valentine’s Day sux.

x dana

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Dana is an award-winning interior designer living in Sydney, Australia. With an unhealthy passion for design, Dana commits to an abnormal amount of daily design research. Regular travel and attendance at premier design events, enables Dana to stay at the forefront of the design world globally. While she is super serious about design, Dana never takes herself - nor design - too seriously. Together with her life and business partner, Dana is Boss Lady at Studio Yellowtrace, specialising in Design Strategy, Creative Direction and Special Projects. The studio takes a highly conceptual and holistic approach to translating brands & ideas into places & experiences.

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  1. Caroline

    in january i discovered blog and fell in love with it instantly, you have incredible taste. i like this style of post too, a sample of lots inspiring things!

  2. captain kk

    ok. first up, i particularly love the first two artists & would be more than happy to see more of this style of post, but second, i’m glad you added the last little paragraph because there i was thinking, man that ms. yellowtrace is such a hater! sure, valentine’s can be commercial, but it doesn’t have to be & seriously there are worse things in the world than sending a bunch of flowers.. of course if you had written a rant about hating one “themed” room after another, then i’d be right up there hating with you. what’s wrong with a house being seamless anyway? gawd i hate that word “themed”. just sayin. plus, you know, you have me wondering what exactly happened when you were, you know, 14, that has got you so mean about valentine’s?? anyways, go the love. everyday :)


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