Hello muffins! How was your weekend? Totally awesome I hope!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my iPhone photos here on the blog. In fact, I thought I’d never do it again for some reason. But I’ve taken some lovely shots over the last few weeks (if I dare say so myself) and I wanted to share them with you.

Things have been really busy here at yellowtrace HQ of late. Too busy for words. I find myself working around the clock these days, and half the time I’m not really sure what I should be doing next. Having said all this, I’ve been so lucky to have had a few beautiful weekends out of Sydney over the last few weeks. With Husband’s parents recently relocating to Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands, and a couple of dear friends with beautiful holiday houses in Bundeena and Bundanoon, I have enjoyed my fair share of quiet moments, breathtaking scenery, yummy food, open fires and daggy clothes (I know it’s not cool but love my daggies – hooray!)

I find that the only time I can truly relax is when I go away for a couple of nights – when I’m away from my computer, the internet, the phone and the world. It takes me a few hours (and several glasses of wine – ha!) but once I hit that sweet spot of pure relaxation I often wonder how I ever get anything done. You know the feeling I’m talking about?

Anyway, I do hope you like the shots of some of my favourite weekend moment(s).

x dana

[All photos © yellowtrace. Images taken with iPhone 4 and filtered using Instagram & Camera Bag.]

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Dana Tomić Hughes
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Dana is an award-winning interior designer living in Sydney, Australia. With an unhealthy passion for design, Dana commits to an abnormal amount of daily design research. Regular travel and attendance at premier design events, enables Dana to stay at the forefront of the design world globally. While she is super serious about design, Dana never takes herself - nor design - too seriously. Together with her life and business partner, Dana is Boss Lady at Studio Yellowtrace, specialising in Design Strategy, Creative Direction and Special Projects. The studio takes a highly conceptual and holistic approach to translating brands & ideas into places & experiences.

6 Responses

  1. Sal

    Amazing photos Dana – can’t believe they were taken with an iPhone! Beautiful composition and love the way you’ve filtered them.

  2. Domingo

    Well that looks like a lovely weekend, and the absolute epitome of a good retreat. The images you’ve shared with us here are the essence of life, D! I love it. We have to work hard in order to take such pretty pictures; not to press the button, but to be fortunate enough to be present in that time and place. I hope you soaked it all up. I live for this sort of stuff — and not much else… Lets see what next! d

  3. Allywan

    Man you’re making me so jealous. I love your photos. I’ve been mulling switching to Iphone from BB for a minute, and you may have just pushed me to the other side. Nice job.

  4. Oliver @ Sabi Style

    I am in love with your Moss Vale scenic shots. The first two look like a morning mist – beautiful!

    And what is better than a glass of Veuve!
    (well two I surpose but anyway…)


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