Melbourne-based designer Ross Gardam‘s latest lighting collection takes its inspiration from interstellar clouds—remnants of stars, reflecting and diffusing layers of fragmented light into the darkness from eons away. Named after the ethereal astronomical phenomenon, Nebulae follows on from the precision, beauty, and geometry in Ross’s stunning Polar and Ora lighting collections, and was recently revealed at ICFF in New York City.

In the Nebulae collection are chandeliers available in various configurations: a pendant, desk lamp, and wall lights. Like the dynamic layering of light in a nebula, each piece in the new collection diffuses light in gentle layers from behind a glass disc.

“The fluted glass of Nebulae, even when turned off, has a beautiful motion to the glass elements as they diffuse each other and the environment around them,” Ross said in a statement.

Available in textured, bubbled black glass, rippled ocean blue, iridescent pink, and then clear fluted glass, each finish disperses its lamplight delicately, as if from behind a graceful veil of mist. The Nebulae body is manufactured from machined white champagne or black anodised aluminium.


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[Images courtesy of Ross Gardam. Photography by Haydn Cattach.]


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