Renowned Australian designer Ross Didier’s First Bite Collection is inspired by the dreams of fine food, colour bursts and fine dessert extravagance, with some of the proceeds supporting a fantastic cause.

“Food connects us to one another – you to me, and me to you. It tells us we are human, we are equal, and that we share the same needs, same sweet delights. It exists in the clouds so we wish to balance by supporting SecondBite, an organisation endeavouring to provide all Australians access to fresh food. Take the first bite into a piece from our decadent design collection, and the second bite is shared with someone who can really use one,” explains Didier.

The First Bite Collection consists of fie pieces – Gelava Chair, Canuli Ottoman, Brulaire Tables, Zupello Lights and Fonneau Rugs.

The highly versatile Gelava Chairs are sculpted in form and structurally engineered with precision tool moulded, cold cured polyurethane foam – eliminating the need for internal framing or hard edges. The organic form is designed to provide an extremely comfortable, durable and supportive seating solution for a wide range of interior requirements and demands.

Structured with the curvaceous form of a French dessert, the Brulaire Tables have a light, open aesthetic with rich opulence. The characteristic grain of the timber oak is highlighted in saturated colours and compliments the repetition of the legs with bold enamel powder coating. A selection of marbles are also offered that express the swirling patterns found in icing or gelato.

The Zupello Collection of pendant lights evoke memories of sweet Italian delicacies and pastries, shaped into sculpted canapés. Available in an array of saturated colours and adorned with a solid brass detail.


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[Photography by Michael Baker. Styling by Heather Nette-King.]


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