Danish design company Reform continues to successfully spin IKEA hacks into legitimately covetable kitchen interiors. They’re set to launch three new collaborations with renowned architects and designers Studio David Thulstrup, Note Design Studio and Muller Van Severen. The uncompromisingly contemporary designs build on Reform’s forward-thinking approach to 21st-century kitchens, each adding their own spin on timeless, durable design.

Gent-based duo Muller Van Severen work at the intersection of art and design, reflected in their far-from-typical kitchen. Their signature material, the durable and wax-like HDPE traditionally used in cutting boards, makes for strikingly unorthodox cabinetry. Combined with classic yet bold features such as brass handles and a lush marble countertop, the outcome is a kitchen that’s as resilient as it is inspiring.

The Reform kitchen by multidisciplinary Stockholm-based Note Design Studio reflects their vibrant and diverse creative approach. Traditional Scandinavian elements such as oak timber and veneer take centre stage, with either natural deep brown, ivory white, or pale blue colourways. Note combines the clean lines of Scandinavian design with warm, tactile materiality that reflects the kitchen as a place for people to gather and spend time.

Copenhagen-based Studio David Thulstrup took a ‘classically modern’ approach, honing in on modernist colours and playful details that twist tradition. Rich, dark chocolate hues and mottled stone combine with the matte industrial sheen of brushed aluminium and stainless steel for a kitchen that’s sturdy and robust, with an underlying sense of luxury.

Kitchens by Studio David Thulstrup, Note Design Studio and Muller Van Severen will launch on Tuesday, May 21. All of the new designer collaborations work with IKEA kitchens, however, Reform will soon take it one step further with their own range of cabinets, for an entirely Reformed kitchen.


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[Images courtesy of Reform.]


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