Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace

Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace

Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace


What began as a wine brand creating drinkable, balanced and elegant wines in 2006 has now turned into a new cellar door, a cracking bistro and a cosy place to stay. This intimate space was beautifully designed by Hecker Guthrie to create an earthy, warm and inviting environment which complements the seasonal food from chef Andy Doughton, showcasing the full range of wines from Polperro by Even Keel founder and winemaker, Sam Coverdale. The interior inspiration draws from the talented artist Rebekah Stuart’s artworks, which have been a strong driver for the approach to the notion of a palette derived from nature.

Hecker Guthrie is a multi-disciplinary practice, based in Melbourne, Australia, under the direction of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie. The studio’s approach is to create a unique identity for each project and this authenticity resonates not only in the design solution, but in the selection of a natural palette of materials and the sharing of knowledge with craftsmen and women – drawing upon several areas of expertise.

Read on for a little insight into the project from Hecker Gutherie’s director, Hamish and his very clever team.


Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace

Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace


+ Your favourite thing about this project?

Based on previous experience, wine people are inherently passionate people. Passionate and enthusiastic clients make for an engaged and enjoyable design process which in turn leads to successful design outcomes. Our clients Sam and Emma brought all of this plus a vision to create something unique on the peninsula on an amazing site.

Like the wine Sam produces, we wanted the space to encompass these passions and the and the level of craft required to cultivate and produce the wine. Incorporating a sense of the artisan or craft in the detailing of each element – a hand made quality. These are the elements in each project that we gain the most satisfaction from.


Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace

Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace


+ Most challenging aspect?

Distance. Whilst Red Hill is not necessarily at the ‘end of the world’ the reality is that it is a little more removed in terms of proximity to most of our projects which does entail a different way of working. We found ourselves working with a team of local tradespeople and contractors who we had never worked with before and a team who perhaps may not have had the opportunity to work on projects entailing this level of craft. With that said, everyone was on board early, embracing with the vision, finding new way to work and we have been rewarded with beautifully finished project.

+ What did you learn during the project?

Urban office dogs can’t be trusted with prize laying hens! BBBeeeergie!


Polperro Winery by Hecker Guthrie | Yellowtrace


+ Would you have done anything differently?

Hindsight is always a wonderfull thing. But as a studio we are getting much better at trusting out initial ‘ideas’ and backing ourselves through the design process. I would not say that we would have done anything differently but there are definitely learnings from the project that will inform future work of the studio.

+ Any additional comments about the project?

We have admired the artistic work of Rebekah Stuart for a while now and were looking for an opportunity to work with her within a project. Not only are her artworks integrated into the design of the space, but they played an integral role in informing tone and colour palette direction for project. They have a beautiful dark and romantic quality of abstracted landscape which we believe responded well to the site.


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[Images courtesy of Hecker Guthrie. Photography by Shannon McGrath. Artwork by Rebekah Stuart.]


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    Good afternoon, what an amazing spot, i can pop that on my list for our next visit! If possible could you please tell me where you sourced the movable lighting from. We are looking for just the thing in our home here in Christchurch, NZ. I would be ever so grateful.
    Kind regards, Kate

    • Micheal

      Dear Kate,

      i’m not sure if you are talking about the hanging porcelain lamps but if so these are from studio wm.


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