A collaboration between acclaimed artists Jarrad Seng and Amok Island, ‘Parallels’ presents a new perspective on the rugged coastline of renowned Western Australian destination, Rottnest Island. An exhibition of photography and paintings, ‘Parallels’ will see Jarrad Seng’s highly detailed and textured medium format photographs alongside Amok Island’s minimal, geometric interpretations.

Both fascinated with nature, the artists have collaborated closely on the exhibition, flying over Rottnest Island together in a light aircraft to capture the imagery used in nine image sets showcased at PS Art Space in December.

“The really unique thing about this series is that Xander [Amok Island] and I have been involved in each other’s process from the very beginning. When capturing the photographic imagery we would already be mindful of how it would translate into a more abstract form. The exciting part, for me, is seeing how Xander would interpret the details and textures of the photograph into his signature minimal, graphic style,” said Jarrad Seng.

Although the artists’ processes are vastly different, the paintings skilfully retain the feel of the original photographs. The pieces will be displayed side-by-side in the exhibition to emphasise the parallels. Presented in a wild, abstract form, the choice of Rottnest Island as the subject matter reflects the artists’ shared love of Western Australia and nature. All works are one-off single edition pieces with a floating timber frame.

Parallels is on show at PS Art Space in Fremantle from December 8 to December 22.


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[Images © Jarrad SengAmok Island.]


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